From the vault

6 06 2011

Not too long ago, though … I’m avoiding vacuuming … looking for some pix I took a couple of weeks ago of Apollo … and came upon these that I couldn’t resist pulling into Photoshop for cropping and saving.

So for no other reason than “wow, aren’t they beautiful,” enjoy!


Daddy Bounce – loved the early morning light on their dark, handsome faces!

Cinch – he’s always watchful, and I relish being able to capture him when he relaxes.

Varoujan – really … do I ever need a reason to post such divine cuteness?! 🙂

The claret cups are blooming. A few years ago – a couple of years ago? – we had a wonderful variety of colors from pale pink to yellow to this deep rosy red. This year, I haven’t seen anything but red, but they’re very vivid. In my notes about the horses, I also keep track of other details about the range – the timing of greenup, what ponds are holding/shallow/dry, what’s blooming when. For such a dry place, we have a fairly wide variety of blooming wildflowers right now: wild blue flax, white daisies, still some phlox, Indian paintbrush, 4 o’clock, larkspur, prince’s plume, globe mallow, some little purple flowers, evening primrose. Last week, I saw the first sego lilies of the year. As great as the contrast between prickly cactus and gorgeous claret cup blooms, the oddness of seemingly fragile sego lilies in our rocky, dry, tan environment always blows me away. It was WAY too windy to even try to photograph the lilies, but they have won a place as one of my favorite wildflowers – for all they represent, for their ability to grow and thrive in such an unforgiving place, to bring beauty to a place some might call harsh, to bring life to a place some might call empty … and you know I’m not really talking about flowers anymore, don’t you? 🙂

Hippity hop

9 07 2010

While I was riveted by this big blooming beauty –

– pretty right? – it’s called “4 o’clock,” but I have no idea why because I’ve seen it blooming at all times – the twitch of an ear, perhaps, caused me to focus in on this, just in front of that:

Holy Jack, rabbit! Can you believe that eyeball?!

I was “just driving along when,” by the way, and I took these pix right out the Jeep window. I’m glad I saw Jack before I opened the door and scared him away! (Or is it Jacqueline?) S/he did finally streak away – long ears flat back along his/her body in a way that reminded me, oddly, of a racehorse – but wow. I just can’t get over that eyeball!

Not 10 minutes later, I was walking out to see a band when I saw Jack’s cousin – Peter:

Or is it Petra? 🙂 And yes, the hole is home. See the one right in front of him/her under/behind the greasewood roots/branches? That’s apparently the “front door.” It was in the side of a shallow arroyo. Not too worried about flash floods, I guess, eh?

It’s fun to see some of the basin’s smaller residents from time to time!