Chestnut crowned

27 05 2023

This little lark sparrow was fluttering around from sage to sage. It may have been admiring the mustangs … or the wildflowers … or another lark sparrow! I was admiring all of the above.

Passing by a passerine

20 05 2023

Speaking of “bright eyes” (yesterday’s post wishing I could see more of Sundance’s eye through his forelock), this little fellow’s bright eyes are literally masked by his markings, and in the overcast light, they weren’t bright enough to reflect light (at least from the distance at which I was in my Jeep). I heard him rather than saw him and backed up to hear more!

He’s a loggerhead shrike, known for impaling their prey, all the better that it doesn’t get away while feasting!

Handsome little songster!