Peace in the valley

19 11 2022


Peace in the evening

15 11 2022

Three days down, four days to go.

Quiet returns

7 04 2021

And so does the wildlife. 🙂

Up, up they go.

As the elk disappeared over the ridge, some other visitors made a fly-by appearance.

They paused for a quick family portrait … then went on up and over and were gone with the wind.

(The WIND! It has been BRUTAL the last two days, especially.)


11 12 2019


When I first saw this handsome boy, he was on the Spring Creek Basin side of the fence along Disappointment Road.


He was courting this very lovely lady.

The basin is to the left in the pic above. After moseying through the trees along the fence, they jumped it, and he’s behind her, about to follow her across the road.


Mostly, he kept her on the move, but he did stop to give me a pose.



Ray of light

14 08 2019

Mule deer on Green Mountain, Wyoming.

These mule deer were more curious than worried on Green Mountain as the early morning sunshine shrugged off the clouds and found space among the trees to spotlight the lovelies.

Mule deer doe on Green Mountain, Wyoming.

Isn’t she lovely? You can see her eyelashes from here! (Photo taken through the window of my Jeep, from the road.)

Marvelous muleys with a view

20 02 2017


Aren’t they handsome? That’s Brumley Point at back right.

King of his hill

7 12 2016

Mule deer buck in Spring Creek Basin.

This totally cuuuuuute local guy walked by in Spring Creek Basin the other day. I was smitten at first glance, but he kept on a’walkin’. 🙂

Blue skies

5 02 2011

La Sal Mountains

La Sal Mountains

Beauty in all directions.

(Note how much snow has melted. If you’re shoveling … do a little dance for Ma Nature to drop a little our way …)