Corazon’s heart

21 01 2013

Would you believe this is one of only a few shots (all in the same sequence) I got of Corazon that day that show his left side?

Corazon, S'aka and Reya

With baby S’aka and mama Reya. They also have Reya’s little brother Maiku in their band.

I *heart* mustangs

20 01 2013


Following the “snowy muzzle” theme, this is Corazon, so named for the heart on his left side. He’s one of two black-and-white pintos in the basin. Raven, originally from Sand Wash Basin, is the other.

Love the snow bokeh in the background – snowy spots through the pinon-juniper on the far ridge, outside Spring Creek Basin.

Until recently, part of the white part of Corazon’s mane was threaded through his forelock. He must have flipped it back into place!

And seriously, if you don’t love that cooler-than-cool fringe of white that looks *just* like frost along the white-black transition on the side you can see …! Frosty handsome snow boy!

Camo pinto

19 01 2013


On super snowy days, S’aka very nearly blends in! Love his snowy muzzle, too! Just like uncle Maiku.

Another other

18 01 2013

One of three:




They were on a dead elk right outside the herd area along the road. Simply gorgeous – the eagles, not the poor elk.

Schnowy schmuzzle

17 01 2013


Maiku wins the cute award this week!

Baby news

16 01 2013

Speaking of late babies, this little girl, born Sept. 23, is doing perfectly well!

Mama Chipeta and baby Seneca.

Baby Seneca with mama Chipeta.

Baby Seneca has a chat with daddy Ty.

Baby Seneca with daddy Ty.

Baby Seneca naps knowing daddy Ty is protecting her.

She IS a daddy’s girl.

Mama Chipeta, baby Seneca and daddy Ty

Seneca with mama and daddy.

We got some good snow a few days ago, and most of the basin has quite a good cover. Now it’s cold – sometimes bitterly cold – under the crystal-clear sky. But the horses have thick, rich, furry coats, and they’re in excellent shape!


15 01 2013

With all the craziness surrounding the wild horse “issue,” here’s something that looks pretty cool:

From the email that alerted me to this endeavor:

Backcountry  Horsemen,

This is Ben Masters. Myself and three friends are training 11 mustangs and riding them 3,000 miles from Mexico to Canada starting in March. Our route will take six months through Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. We’re making a documentary: Unbranded that aims to promote conservation of open spaces, inspire mustang adoptions and get people outside horseback.

We’re trying to promote our journey and documentary. We need your help by pledging your support and sending the information to others who like horses, the backcountry and conservation. Here is the video, it’ll put a smile on your face:

For more info, our website is

Western Horseman’s blog over our trip:

Thank you,

Ben Masters

Check out their story; I’m sure you’ll follow them as I will! Have I ever mentioned I’m an Aggie? Gig ’em, Ags. What a ride it will be!