Desert dance

1 07 2013


Smoke and dust make the sky grey. Red Seneca is greying slowly – except for that white spot on her hip. Such a pretty girl, leggy and beautiful.


22 03 2013

Seneca and mama Chipeta

Love. The. Tail!

Baby Seneca and mama Chipeta trotting past away from bachelor Copper. I have it on good authority that Seneca’s big brother, Asher, does the same tail-flagging, strutting trot. πŸ˜‰

Fabulous family

19 02 2013


Chipeta with the iconic unnamed promontory behind her. Some girls wear braids or dye a lock of hair; Chipeta is following mustang fashion with the twig accessory. She is a trendy girl.

Ty watches Copper.

Ty, looking all dapply and handsome.

Seneca taking a nap.

Baby Seneca taking a nap.

Chipeta and Seneca watch a truck drive west on the Disappointment Road.

Mama and daughter, watching a truck drive by on the road down the hill.

I don’t think I posted these, taken a few weeks ago. Such a sweet family.


4 02 2013

Seneca and daddy Ty.

Seneca carefully watches daddy Ty graze the choice grasses still available through the snow. Pictured is – I think – sand dropseed, prevalent throughout the basin.

Seneca and daddy Ty.

Mini me with daddy. Nearly identical stances, which isn’t all that unusual, but it’s CUTE!

Seneca making a funny face while grazing in the snow with daddy Ty.

Mmm hmm. Cute. πŸ™‚

Looking out for baby

29 01 2013

Ty and his baby girl, Seneca.

Daddy Ty, like most stallion daddies, is a very good daddy! Seneca likes to hang out with him. I love his stance of casual protection while baby girl grazes right beside him. Mama Chipeta grazes contentedly in the background.

Kisses in snow

28 01 2013

Chipeta gets some love from daughter Seneca.

Baby Seneca is about 4 months old now. Still giving mama kisses. πŸ™‚

Note the lack of snow on the hill in the background. This weekend, we got rain – RAIN! In January! But we do not complain about moisture in any form, even though it has left the area a soggy, sodden, saturated, simply wonderfully wet mess! Hopefully theΒ  great amount of moisture will seep into the thirsty earth before the cold returns and turns mudville into ice-central!

Baby news

16 01 2013

Speaking of late babies, this little girl, born Sept. 23, is doing perfectly well!

Mama Chipeta and baby Seneca.

Baby Seneca with mama Chipeta.

Baby Seneca has a chat with daddy Ty.

Baby Seneca with daddy Ty.

Baby Seneca naps knowing daddy Ty is protecting her.

She IS a daddy’s girl.

Mama Chipeta, baby Seneca and daddy Ty

Seneca with mama and daddy.

We got some good snow a few days ago, and most of the basin has quite a good cover. Now it’s cold – sometimes bitterly cold – under the crystal-clear sky. But the horses have thick, rich, furry coats, and they’re in excellent shape!

Daddy’s little girl

20 12 2012

From last week:

Daddy Ty with daughter Seneca

Daddies love their babies, too. Ty and Seneca (mama Chipeta is leading just to the left).

From tragedy …

15 12 2012


Tragic, senseless heartbreak. Unimaginable to think about what drove anyone to do something so horrific.

Of horses and mountains

14 12 2012

Seneca and Chipeta, Filly Peak and the La Sal Mountains in the background.

You can’t imagine this land without them, can you?

That’s Asher’s mama, Chipeta, and his little sister, Seneca. In the background: Filly Peak (within Spring Creek Basin, Colorado) and the La Sal Mountains (Utah). The snow on the mountains is from the last snowfall that left just an inch in Disappointment Valley. More coming – today?! Our fingers and hooves are crossed!