Hannah’s hooves, reprisal

10 01 2013

Awhile ago, someone asked about the mustangs’ hooves. I was reminded right away of a pic I took of Hannah’s hooves when the horses were on a road in the basin. I looked but couldn’t find the pic, and then I kinda forgot – until I found it while looking for other pix (RIP, sweet Winky-girl, our almost-28-year-old Quarter Horse mare at home in Texas; she was born at my grandparents’ in Ohio; she was loved, always).

The mustangs’ hooves fascinate me with their perfection. Their hooves are usually difficult to see through the low vegetation, but the prints they leave in the earth of their home never fail to make me stop and look closer.

Hannah's hooves

Note the “mustang roll” at the toes. White hooves soft? Not these pony toes!

This photo was taken in November 2010. Hannah was rounded up and adopted in September 2011. The original post can be found here.



5 responses

10 01 2013

Thank you, fun to watch!

10 01 2013

Aren’t they great? Some of the mustangs do wear their hooves like people – inside/outside more or less, but Hannah’s were just perfect!

10 01 2013

Sure is interesting-her feet look like they have just been trimmed.

Asher is sure a crafty one!  He really makes us smile!


10 01 2013

Trimmed every day, the natural way! I don’t think I *stopped* smiling when I visited you and Vern and Asher! What a boy. I’ve been trying to catch a look at his little sister lately but haven’t spotted them.

12 01 2013
Pat Amthor

Look at those hooves! They have a secret farrier!

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