This, too, is kwana

2 05 2017

Juvenile golden eagle in Spring Creek Basin.

Worst pic ever of an eagle. 🙂 But this one was soaring over Spring Creek Basin recently, and here, we revere these magnificent raptors.

This is a juvenile golden eagle (, and it was one of two reveling in the strong thermals the other day (while I was shivering against those same frigid winds!).


(Kwana means eagle in the Ute language ( Possibly specifically bald … but I took it in general terms.)

More gold

3 12 2016

Golden eagle

This beauty was just a few miles outside Spring Creek Basin. In the background are the fresh-snow-covered La Sal Mountains.

The magic of beauty and wildness is all around us!

Another other

18 01 2013

One of three:




They were on a dead elk right outside the herd area along the road. Simply gorgeous – the eagles, not the poor elk.


19 06 2012

Oooh …

la …


This gorgeous big bird was right off the road. After fumbling for my camera, I managed to fire off these shots when s/he took off.

Simply stunning.