Dr. Jay

15 01 2013

Here’s another nudge for Wild Horse Scientists – and a guest post on Kay Frydenborg’s blog by Dr. Jay Kirkpatrick!

My copy arrived last week, and I wholeheartedly give it two thumbs up. It’s an excellent resource for information about PZP and how fertility control is helping wild horses, particularly on Assateague Island and Pryor Mountain.  It’s a “children’s book” in the sense that we’re all learning and have much to learn. It’s truly appropriate for ALL ages.

Well-researched, well-written, beautiful photographs, and I absolutely enjoyed reading it.

This is a book that should not languish below the radar!



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15 01 2013

Your recommendation is enough for me, TJ; I am ordering mine today!

15 01 2013

Isn’t there a problem with the PZP and foals being born so late that they are dying from exposure?

15 01 2013

Sorry to bust a myth, but that’s a human factor of when the darting/application occurs. If given on the mare’s schedule and not the humans’, not a problem. The Cloud Foundation is the wrong source of any information about PZP. Check instead the source of PZP, the Science and Conservation Center, listed on my blogroll. We have a few mares that have had late foals, and you can’t “blame” PZP for any of them.

15 01 2013
15 01 2013

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