White snow, grey ponies

14 01 2013

A day full of snow would leave a basin full of snow, you’d think – and you’d be right! Such interesting climate zones in Disappointment Valley. Some snow in the lower, broader valley; lots of snow higher as the valley narrows to the east-southeast. It all means moisture for the horses and deer and elk and coyotes and bobcats and other critters that call the valley home.

Someone told me the other day that he saw “a big tom” (bobcat) on a newborn calf – bovine, not wapiti. I’m not sure what surprised me most: a calf born at this time of year (or that the cow still is here) or a bobcat! I’ve seen one in the basin, way too quick for photos, after a rabbit. I’m not sure about the rabbit, but the bobcat got away (from me)!

Mariah, Houdini, Alegre, Maia

Mariah, Houdini, Alegre and Maia.


Grey/Traveler. He could do with a little more fat on his old bones, but he looks pretty hearty.

The temperature ranged from 12 to 17 degrees, according to the Jeep, while I was in the basin. After snowing all day, it stopped for an hour or two, then picked up again around sunset.

Yes, they’re all grey. 🙂



One response

15 01 2013

Wow, it’s been amazing to watch Grey change throughout the years. Still looking great!

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