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16 01 2013

Speaking of late babies, this little girl, born Sept. 23, is doing perfectly well!

Mama Chipeta and baby Seneca.

Baby Seneca with mama Chipeta.

Baby Seneca has a chat with daddy Ty.

Baby Seneca with daddy Ty.

Baby Seneca naps knowing daddy Ty is protecting her.

She IS a daddy’s girl.

Mama Chipeta, baby Seneca and daddy Ty

Seneca with mama and daddy.

We got some good snow a few days ago, and most of the basin has quite a good cover. Now it’s cold – sometimes bitterly cold – under the crystal-clear sky. But the horses have thick, rich, furry coats, and they’re in excellent shape!



6 responses

16 01 2013
Prairie girl

Oh these pictures are magnificent!! I think Chipeta is stunning! Well, they all are really. I cannot wait to see them in the summer. Mind hiking and scrambling around with me? 😉

16 01 2013

You got it!

16 01 2013
Pat Amthor

Seneca is looking so good. Strong and growing for such a late baby. I am so glad you found them. They are in their space and surviving despite the odds that I think are amazing.

16 01 2013

She’s a thick-furred little teddy-bear girl!

16 01 2013

Gorgeous! So glad to see them looking so well. Would you mind if I used one of the photos as my desktop picture?

16 01 2013

Don’t mind at all.

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