Hers & hers

17 07 2013

Temple and her mama, Piedra.

She’s her mama, and she’s her daughter. Piedra and Temple.

Sparkle in her eye

18 04 2013

Temple and mama Piedra, sunset.

Lovely Temple with mama Piedra. Still fuzzy, and no wonder! We just got snow!

If you’re anywhere close to Denver – or not but watching the news – not THAT much snow. Not anywhere close to that much snow. I can measure mine in inch, and no, that’s not a typo and I don’t mean inches. It might have been an inch and a half. But it’s better than no inch at all, and it brought mud, which means it soaked in. Lovely moisture. relief.

Play time, mustang style

16 03 2013

Madison and Temple playing with a deer skull with antlers attached.

Madison and Temple, bold, bright, beautiful mustang girls, found the coolest of cool playthings in the basin the other day: the top part of a deer skull with the antlers attached. (Quite old and weathered.)

Madison playing with a deer skull with antlers attached.

They chewed on the tips, sniffed it, pawed it – lifted it once, and I managed to back focus the three frames I caught – and generally had a grand time with it for about 20 minutes!

Temple plays with the deer skull with antlers attached.

Lesson: Make fun where you find it, with whatever you find!

Snow run

26 02 2013

Comanche's and Hollywood's bands.

Comanche brings up the rear of a mix of his and Hollywood’s bands: Juniper, Madison, Kestrel, Temple and Piedra. Pre-dawn a week or so ago.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 02 2013

Madison gives Temple a kiss.

Sometimes, the best kisses catch you by surprise!

Madison and Temple are growing up together because their families stick close together. Madison is Comanche’s and Kestrel’s daughter, and Temple is the daughter of Hollywood and Piedra.

These two sweethearts know how to celebrate the day of love!

Walk on

10 02 2013


Easier said than done sometimes, but we do it because the sun comes up and days stretch before us, needing to be lived. And with each day we live – well – we honor those we’ve lost.

Pati Temple

5 02 2013


Mustang angel and lover of all wild life Pati Temple passed away yesterday evening.

Look out, God, whirlwind coming your way!

Pati was one of the most influential people in my life, despite having known her for just the last few years. Words cannot come close to describing the dynamo that was Pati, and at this point, the heartbreak is too raw to try.

God speed, Pati, on the wings of your beloved mustangs. You are much loved and will be most incredibly missed.

Walking ahead

30 01 2013

Piedra and daughter Temple.

Temple will be a year old in April. In this image, she followed mama Piedra, grazed with her and then walked ahead. Forging her own way in the world. Figuratively, still, at this point. Our babies are growing up!

Myth debunkment

29 12 2012

“Stallions will kill any foal not theirs.”


Not true.

Special circumstances? Sure. But in general, this is a myth. I can’t tell you how many people have told me this as absolute, general fact … and then I point (still) to moments like this: Comanche with Temple, who not only is not his daughter, she is not in his band. She’s the daughter of Hollywood and Piedra and still is perfectly fine and dependent upon mama – in her daddy’s band.

Temple and Comanche

I’ve seen more ears back and teeth bared from mamas telling wandering babies to go home than I’ve seen any kind of violence toward foals from stallions. I know I tend to repeat this, but it’s one of my pet peeves, and I love when the horses give me an opportunity to show that the opposite is true.

The world according to Kestrel

28 12 2012

Pretty buckskin girl Kestrel stood napping in one place during most of my last visit. Watching, too. The world revolved around her.

Kestrel and Hollywood

Hollywood’s band still is very close to Comanche’s band. In fact, the casual observer would never realize these are two distinct families. This dynamic may or may not be unique among wild horses, but it’s fairly unique within our herd (“the pintos” come to mind, only recently separated into Ty’s band and Corazon’s band).

Kestrel and Temple (Hollywood x Piedra)

Baby Temple, daughter of Hollywood and Piedra, grazes her way behind Kestrel.

Kestrel, Filly Peak in the background.

Kes in her wide, snowy world!

Comanche and Kestrel

Kestrel’s handsome stallion, Comanche.

Kestrel and Juniper

Mama Kestrel and her yearling daughter (and Comanche’s), Juniper.


Isn’t she gorgeous? Like her mama, Luna, like her firstborn daughter, Winona. (As Winona grows up, it’s incredible how much she resembles Kestrel; her likely sire is Mouse, who was removed last year.)