Play time, mustang style

16 03 2013

Madison and Temple playing with a deer skull with antlers attached.

Madison and Temple, bold, bright, beautiful mustang girls, found the coolest of cool playthings in the basin the other day: the top part of a deer skull with the antlers attached. (Quite old and weathered.)

Madison playing with a deer skull with antlers attached.

They chewed on the tips, sniffed it, pawed it – lifted it once, and I managed to back focus the three frames I caught – and generally had a grand time with it for about 20 minutes!

Temple plays with the deer skull with antlers attached.

Lesson: Make fun where you find it, with whatever you find!



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16 03 2013
Prairie girl


16 03 2013
Puller Lanigan

And to think I’ve been out searching for ‘sheds myself this weekend!!!!

16 03 2013

I just saw a beautiful buck, just outside the basin, with his antlers still intact. This time of year makes me a little crazy because people drive their ATVs and motorbikes up the arroyos and off the designated routes – illegal in the basin – and tear things up looking for sheds. I never catch ’em at it, just see their tracks and torn up vegetation.

31 12 2014

I can only hike to where I go.

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