Hers & hers

17 07 2013

Temple and her mama, Piedra.

She’s her mama, and she’s her daughter. Piedra and Temple.



4 responses

17 07 2013
Prairie girl

That flying tail !!!!
Great image, TJ.
Have they gotten any rain??

17 07 2013

YES!! After all day of brooding, promising clouds, it finally rained around 1:30 a.m. It arrived with a boom – plenty of rolling and crashing thunder and bolts of lightning – but a bit of a soaking rain came with it. Relief. 🙂 Need plenty more, but things are looking up.

17 07 2013

What a lovely picture. Temple looks like she is going to be a big girl.

17 07 2013

All the yearlings seem big this year. But it’s also a matter of perspective – Temple is about a body length in front of Piedra in this shot.

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