Myth debunkment

29 12 2012

“Stallions will kill any foal not theirs.”


Not true.

Special circumstances? Sure. But in general, this is a myth. I can’t tell you how many people have told me this as absolute, general fact … and then I point (still) to moments like this: Comanche with Temple, who not only is not his daughter, she is not in his band. She’s the daughter of Hollywood and Piedra and still is perfectly fine and dependent upon mama – in her daddy’s band.

Temple and Comanche

I’ve seen more ears back and teeth bared from mamas telling wandering babies to go home than I’ve seen any kind of violence toward foals from stallions. I know I tend to repeat this, but it’s one of my pet peeves, and I love when the horses give me an opportunity to show that the opposite is true.



4 responses

29 12 2012
Prairie girl

Bravo TJ! Love that!!

29 12 2012

Isn’t he great with her? As much as I love watching mamas with their babies, I adore watching stallions with babies. They grow tree trunks for legs, and there is this tangible *steadiness* about them. Simply beautiful.

29 12 2012

I have been thoroughly impressed with stallions interactions with foals not out of them, foals born into their herds (not out of them) and visiting foals. It continues to amaze me as mares are absorbed into new herds in foal or with foals and how wonderfully the ‘step fathers’ take care of these babies.

29 12 2012
Pat Amthor

Very nice. You see the real thing and it is good you let the blog world know.

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