The world according to Kestrel

28 12 2012

Pretty buckskin girl Kestrel stood napping in one place during most of my last visit. Watching, too. The world revolved around her.

Kestrel and Hollywood

Hollywood’s band still is very close to Comanche’s band. In fact, the casual observer would never realize these are two distinct families. This dynamic may or may not be unique among wild horses, but it’s fairly unique within our herd (“the pintos” come to mind, only recently separated into Ty’s band and Corazon’s band).

Kestrel and Temple (Hollywood x Piedra)

Baby Temple, daughter of Hollywood and Piedra, grazes her way behind Kestrel.

Kestrel, Filly Peak in the background.

Kes in her wide, snowy world!

Comanche and Kestrel

Kestrel’s handsome stallion, Comanche.

Kestrel and Juniper

Mama Kestrel and her yearling daughter (and Comanche’s), Juniper.


Isn’t she gorgeous? Like her mama, Luna, like her firstborn daughter, Winona. (As Winona grows up, it’s incredible how much she resembles Kestrel; her likely sire is Mouse, who was removed last year.)



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28 12 2012

How old is Kestrel? Was Luna a buckskin? I have a softspot in my heart for buckskins. My first horse love was a buckskin named Angel. I was sitting on her back when I saw my first Mustang. Intertwined permanently in my heart and brain.

28 12 2012

Kestrel is 5. Yes, Luna is buckskin. Since I started documenting in 2007, Kestrel was her only buckskin offspring until Varoujan, born in 2011. So far, Winona is Kestrel’s only buckskin offspring; Juniper is grey, and Madison is bay and looks like she’ll stay bay. A horse named TJ was part of my childhood (I hadn’t thought about him in a long time … interestingly, he was a buckskin). We do remember our horses and our adventures with them. 🙂

28 12 2012
maria chervenkova

She is not supposed to foal next year,right ? But I see some roundness

28 12 2012

Kestrel got the PZP, yes. We’ll see!

7 01 2013

Reblogged this on Rancho Comancho and commented:
Great pics, great site… Belle le foto, ancora più bello il sito. Pulito, elegante, grandi immagini di cavalli in libertà. Così si fa.

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