Hollywood moon

9 11 2013


Hollywood at moonrise last month. Two consecutive evenings in the basin with the mustangs were amazingly beautiful, made magical with the nearly full moon rising over the far ridges.

Boy talk

3 08 2013

Hollywood and Bounce

Hollywood and Bounce have a friendly chat near sunset.

Evening sip

28 07 2013

Hollywood, Shane, Mona and Aurora drinking in the Spring Creek arroyo.

It doesn’t look like much, but they’re drinking in the bottom of the Spring Creek arroyo in Spring Creek Basin. With more moisture comes more irritation in the form of biting flies.

His & hers

16 07 2013

Hollywood and Shane with Shane's mama, Mona, in the background.

She is his, and in the background is her mama.

Miss Shane will be 3 in September. For perspective, Mister Hollywood is not the tallest boy in the basin. 🙂

Dashing dun …

14 07 2013

… in black and white:


Comanche’s antics made Hollywood’s mane stand on end! It was OK in color, but I really liked him like this.

Beloved horizon

23 04 2013

A quote I saw and liked recently: “We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon.” ~ Konrad Adenauer


Hollywood leads Madison, Comanche and Kestrel (and the rest of the bands’ members) away from the roller-coaster ridge pond, where they drank at the end of the day.

This horizon from Spring Creek Basin: Unique and much loved. With mustangs in front of that horizon: Heaven under the sky.

One (more) scar

16 02 2013

Hollywood sports a new injury.

From this week. The cut is fairly small, but like most face wounds, it obviously bled. Most of what you see is just dried blood.

What fun would life be without a scar or three?