They’re totally rock stars

12 08 2017


Earlier this week, I visited the BLM state office in Denver (Lakewood). As we walked into the entry way … I was drawn to the photo of mustangs on the wall (naturally, right?!).


Photos also were on the opposite wall, but the mustangs catch your eye (of course!). (Above: Already out the door is BLM’s Ben Smith, wild horse and burro specialist based in Grand Junction, and holding the door while yours truly geeked out taking photos of a mustang photo is Jim Hyrup, president of Friends of the Mustangs, which is the group that advocates for Little Book Cliffs mustangs near Grand Junction.)


This is the view of the photo as we walked into the building. It’s the view EVERYONE has as they walk into BLM’s state office!

I stopped to look closer … and was about to ask if anyone recognized the horses … when *I* suddenly did.

I might have gotten a little loud. 🙂

Pictured are Hayden, Jif, Chrome, Two Boots and Rio (now named Legado, owned by an NMA/CO board member). The BLM people didn’t know who took the photo, but it had to have been taken in 2010.

Because our wild beautiful ponies are just that famous. 🙂

In other pretty awesome news, we were there to support friends who advocate and volunteer and partner and collaborate with BLM for the good management of our Colorado mustangs on Colorado’s herd management areas and wild horse range: Sand Wash Basin, Little Book Cliffs, Spring Creek Basin (specifically) and Piceance-East Douglas (coming soon, we hope!). BLM folks, including Laria Lovec (on-range management), Steve Leonard (off-range management) and Ben Smith (wild horse and burro specialist based in Grand Junction), were there to recognize folks including Michelle Sander and Aleta Wolf (with Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary and Sand Wash Advocate Team), and Jim Hyrup (president of Friends of the Mustangs).

FOM has been involved with Little Book Cliffs mustangs for more than 30 years and have been using PZP for more than a decade. SWAT and GEMS are about 5 years old, and advocates have been darting in Sand Wash Basin for at least the last three years. We are so happy and proud to support their efforts and call them friends and heroes/heroines for mustangs!


Left to right: Steve Leonard, Laria Lovec, moi, Michelle Sander, Aleta Wolf, Jim Hyrup and Ben Smith.

Many of our valued volunteers couldn’t attend the meeting, but Stella Trueblood and Connie Wagner (SWAT), Marty Felix and Billie Hutchings (FOM), and Pat and Frank Amthor and Kat Wilder (Disappointment Wild Bunch Partners) are standout folks who spend hours working for our mustangs – and have done so for years and years. Marty earns the longevity award for more than FORTY years with Little Book Cliffs’ mustangs! Pat and Frank Amthor have logged TWENTY years supporting Spring Creek Basin’s mustangs!

In the “coming soon” category, Dona Hilkey and Pam and Tom Nickoles have been visiting, photographing and documenting Piceance-East Douglas’ mustangs for at least 12 years. They’ve been working closely with BLM, and folks are close to forming an advocacy group for that herd (and perhaps casting an umbrella over West Douglas as well). When that happens, it will mean every mustang herd in Colorado will have the support of volunteer advocates!

THANK YOU to every one of our dedicated volunteers!

And THANK YOU to BLM for recognizing and appreciating their work for our Colorado mustangs!


Golden faces

15 10 2016

Voodoo and Braley

A little girl and her daddy (maybe – same band, anyway). They kicked off a beautiful morning with a most excellent visit.

Big, bad Voodoo daddy

14 10 2016


“Bad” meaning, of course, so good and handsome.

No better hugs than mama’s hugs

13 10 2016

Mare and foal in Cosmo's band (?) in Sand Wash Basin.

Let’s hear it now … awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Are they cute, or are they CUTE?! Check out their matching (pretty close) blazes! I think they’re in Cosmo’s band.

Black velvet

12 10 2016

Mare in Voodoo's band

Look at this plump black beauty, glowing russet in the first light of morning in Sand Wash Basin. She’s one of Voodoo’s mares.

Can’t be bothered

11 10 2016

Meteor, yearling colt in Star's band.

Meteor, yearling colt in Star’s band: Um. Trying to nap here.

He was so bothered – not – that I was able to walk all the way around him (giving him a respectful wide berth) to photograph his big hunky daddy (?) from several angles, and then move on to another nearby band. He never rose from his nap, watched over faithfully by Star and his mare, Meteor’s mama. 🙂

Isn’t he super cute?!

Seeing spots

9 10 2016

Flashy pinto colt and sorrel stallion in Sand Wash Basin.

Are you noticing a theme? The pintos in Sand Wash Basin are flashy and splashy and gorgeous!

That’s filly Braley, granddaughter of the one and only Picasso. Just at right is her band stallion (and sire?) Voodoo.

Don’t you love the spots even in her little blaze??