Herdin’ girls

23 01 2013

Mona and Aurora were hanging out with Bounce. Bounce is following Hollywood’s and Comanche’s bands. Bounce is Aurora’s daddy, but she’s in Hollywood’s band now. Mona is definitely Hollywood’s mare. They wandered as they grazed, and pretty soon, Mona and Aurora and Bounce were on one side of a shallow arroyo, and everybody else was on the other side. Hollywood looked and grazed, then looked and made a decision, and he trotted down the hill and across the arroyo, bluffed Bounce away and brought his girls back to the fold.


Even in his snaking attitude, he’s so cute. Look at his nostril all puckered up. I wish I hadn’t chopped Aurora’s ears off, but I was focused on Holls when she trotted up the hill between us.

And that Aurora looks just like daddy … and mama Alegre. She’s really a beautiful blending of both.



5 responses

23 01 2013
Prairie girl

What a fun (and funny) story you told here! Always some excitement out there on the range, huh? Love it TJ.

25 01 2013

The “excitement” of everyday life!

25 01 2013
Puller Lanigan

I’m impressed with the stripes on Hollywood’s legs. Bounce is a handsome boy, what happened to his girls? Or did he not have a band? Lost a band?

25 01 2013

Bounce was captured and released in 2007, and when I started documenting the horses, he had two mares: Slate (also captured and released; incidentally, she likely was Hollywood’s dam) and Alegre. Slate died that winter; I never saw her again after a day in late December. But Bounce and Alegre were together until the 2011 roundup – both captured, and both released. Alegre ended up with Grey/Traveler, and Houdini (who had been with Grey) was with Bounce immediately afterward. Grey kept Alegre, and he stole Houdini back. Bounce has been a bachelor since. In 2007, he was aged at 20; in 2011, he was aged at 14-15. We’d all like to age like that, eh? He’s definitely an older boy.

29 01 2013
Pat Amthor

Get to moving!!!

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