On the run

4 11 2012

Hollywood (apparently) had enough of Bounce hanging around, so he gave chase. Bounce didn’t wait around to chat.

Returning to his band. Very pleased with himself (I’m sure).

Oh so photogenic!

* Did you remember to set your clocks back?

Beauty in motion

30 10 2012

Handsome Hollywood was just featured in a post, but he’s just so photogenic!

Bounce was hanging out with the bands, and Holls was turning back after chasing him away.

Mr. Studly

26 10 2012

Hollywood and Shane:

Do you love those stripes??

Another dark girl

24 10 2012

This happened a little while ago:

Aurora has hooked up with Hollywood and his band.

She’s the daughter of Alegre and Bounce, and most recently was with her mother, little sister, big sister and niece in Traveler’s band. Little girl growing up.

Sweet nothings (everything)

13 10 2012

Hollywood and Piedra:

What do you suppose he’s saying to her? Whatever it was, it worked. She gave him a nuzzle in return. 🙂

Hollywood courted Piedra when she was still a youngster in Steeldust’s band. All four of her foals have been sired by Hollywood. He has lost her a couple of times, but he always has gotten her back (probably due as much to her as to him).

Pony love. Believe it. (Yes, yes, very human.)

Yet another atypical stallion photo

5 09 2012

I love seeing these moments. 🙂

Comanche and Hollywood grazing peacefully with their families nearby.

That’s the foreground story.

Note the background story.

Kreacher and Hayden sparring. They were with Seven, Bounce, Tenaz and Apollo.

Youngster testing his strength.

Very end of day.

Into the canyon

2 07 2012

Heading for water.

Hollywood’s band in Spring Creek, Spring Creek Canyon, Spring Creek Basin.

Oh, the color

13 06 2012

Shane, Temple and Piedra at the trickle at sunset.

Mama Mona and daughter Shane.

Hollywood, in defense of his family.

Love that light. Love that color.

Love those ponies!

Update on an update

8 06 2012

Before I could post the update about Hollywood’s band …

I already have another update:

Who’s that extra girl?

The original update was that Hollywood stole Mona, Roja and Killian from Aspen. The updated update is that Kreacher has stolen Roja and Killian from Hollywood. I didn’t see the horses themselves, but I saw images of them on the LCD of a camera owned by someone who DID see them!

Pretty as a picture

8 05 2012

Hollywood and family.

Just because they’re gorgeous. 🙂