A stallion’s moments

15 02 2013


From last week. Comanche ran off Bounce from near Piedra, Temple and Aurora, then Hollywood came from where he was grazing with Mona and Shane and ran off Comanche, then he went after Bounce. (No stallion likes to be caught napping on the job, even by his pal.)

Bounce and Hollywood. After sunset.

The sun had set, but I didn’t want to leave.

Hollywood chasing Bounce. After sunset.

Hollywood was cantering after Bounce. I love his look, frozen in a photo, with his head turned just so to catch the last light of day in his eye. He looks like he’s dancing.



4 responses

15 02 2013
Prairie girl

Their bending heads and necks all prance-y and dance -y. Soooo awesome.
I don’t think I could have left that range either!

15 02 2013

Hollywood and Bounce, two beautifull mustangs, and you caught them in their splendor. Proud, protective. Awesome!

15 02 2013
Puller Lanigan

Check out those stripes!!!!!! Fabulous!!!

16 02 2013
Pat Amthor

Those are fabulous!

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