Loungin’ pool-side

11 07 2019


The community pool is the place to on hot summer days (especially when the gnats are bothersome), and S’aka was there, indeed, with some of his neighbors.

As the seasons turn

1 07 2019


Greenery abounds this year for Sundance and his wild cousins. To keep it so, we could use some rain. That’s a familiar refrain here in the high desert – the need for more rain.

Always. 🙂

Happy July!


21 06 2019


Maiku was standing guard for his band (he’s a lieutenant stallion), watching another nearby band. As long as they keep their distance, the little guy can be drowsy in the June sunshine. 🙂

Technical difficulties

17 06 2019

Hopefully I can update this in the morning. Errors tonight!

Simply, lovely

12 06 2019


Piedra the lovely grazes in a sea of green and color. The wildflowers in that particular area of the basin were just beautiful. All small … all beautiful!


The week has been so busy I nearly missed posting today! Apologies!

Wild green

11 06 2019

Shane; McKenna Peak

Shane watches aother band while nappig in the sunshine.

Bachelor ridge

4 06 2019


There actually is a place in Spring Creek Basin that I call bachelor ridge, and this isn’t it. 🙂 But that is a bachelor, and he’s fleeing another bachelor up and over the ridge he had available.