Snoozin’ at the seep

8 05 2017

Comanche and Piedra

Comanche and Piedra make a silver pair, don’t they? Love those faces!

Burr-ly hair day

24 04 2017


Sweetness, that greasewood ain’t hidin’ nuthin’. 🙂

Burrs are still burrowing their way into the ponies’ forelocks as they stretch and reach for greening grass.

Short, dark and handsome

18 04 2017


Killian isn’t a big boy, but he’s awfully cute. 🙂

Doin’ the walk-on-by

7 03 2017


Houdini doesn’t like to wait … on photographers or other admirers.


26 02 2017


Storm found a couple of trees the other day with multiple branches that were good for scratching multiple itches. Check out the lip. 🙂

As you can see from the trunk of the tree and the ground around him, we got a bit of snow. Most of it didn’t last long, but in the upper parts of the basin (and greater Disappointment Valley), there was up to an inch or so of dusty white stuff.

Before our little cold snap, the horses were starting to shed!


21 02 2017


Hollywood’s mane catches the evening light as he follows his band through the winter-golden grasses.

‘Cuz … that view

17 02 2017

Hayden, McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Hayden naps after a chat with Tenaz. He picked a good spot. 🙂

(This boy is the king of naps … and has been since he was a baby.)