2 12 2019


The band was up a steep ridge above us when I took this shot of Gaia. She was just far enough up the hill to catch the light from the low sun, setting her afire in a golden glow.

Oh, lovely

24 11 2019


That light!

That gold!

That Winona!

Glow undampened

3 11 2019


The sun finally conquered the clouds by the time I made it out to Storm’s band. While some of the horses grazed a bit, others, like Gaia, napped in the dreamy sunshine.

I had to go up and over a small hill to get to the other side of her (the rest of the band was down to the right) so I wouldn’t disturb her. (You can see her still eyeing me, wondering what the heck I was up to.) Her mane had icicles in it from the snow of the night before, and I was trying to get a pic of it.

It never did work out as well as I’d planned because it was much too nice to stop there and sit on a low boulder – cleared of snow – and soak in the rays that the horses were enjoying!

The look that melts

7 10 2019


Do you love that wild face?! Black-as-jet Raven still manages to shine with beauty. 🙂

Apples of his eye

1 10 2019


Killian lagged behind his band because of another band nearby. Here, he’s taking a break from grazing to check on his band, downhill. The other band was uphill. I was on-hill, taking advantage of the gorgeous foreground … and awesome background.


16 09 2019


Healthy, shiny, bay beautiful wild ponies. 🙂


2 08 2019


Truly. 🙂