18 05 2019


Mysterium gives me a look while napping in the wind. I wish I could interpret their curiosity. Mine translates as “yes, I’m still here, and yes, I find you as fascinating and beautiful as always”!


The strut

13 04 2019


No need to translate Kwana’s body language here: He was on his way to meet a young bachelor. They were very gentlemanly in their meeting.

Isn’t he studly?!

Bigger, wild, free

27 03 2019

Chipeta; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Looking in the opposite direction from yesterday, Miss Chipeta is looking lovely against one of the most recognizable backgrounds in Spring Creek Basin: McKenna Peak and Temple Butte.

Two wild pinto ponies in wild, free country. Lots to love!

It’s all there

16 03 2019


In a single picture, this explains Disappointment Valley these days:

+ A little snow in the shady (north-facing) places.

+ Monochromatic scenery as a wonderfully wet winter fades.

+ One very handsome – and mud-speckled – mustang looking just the slightest bit pudgy. 🙂

The rockband layer in the background at left is above a canyon through which Disappointment Creek flows. The creek is running. It doesn’t run through Spring Creek Basin – in fact, the arroyos and drainages of the upper, southern part of the herd management area drain into Disappointment Creek – but that riparian corridor benefits a wide variety of other wildlife in the area.

I think the ponies look their shaggiest just before they start shedding, and handsome Mister Maiku is looking very shaggy. 🙂

Snow track

4 03 2019

Com's band and Holls' band

Hollywood’s band and Comanche’s band make tracks in the snow from an arroyo that held – despite the below-freezing temp – actual, slurpable water in its slushy depths.

Again the disclaimer that these photos were taken a week or so ago; the snow pictured is all lovely moisture in the ground now (meaning, it has melted!). 🙂

Safety first

2 03 2019


Please don’t be fooled by the idea that the lack of snow means area backcountry roads are driveable. Six or more inches of snow has melted in the last couple of days, and that has left MUD – soggy, deep, boggy, forward-motion-destroying mud – in its wake.

The above pic was taken yesterday from the intersection of Disappointment Valley Road and the road to Spring Creek Basin. The driver and passenger of the pictured truck tried to drive in … and soon (but not soon enough?!) realized it wasn’t a good idea. Having nowhere to turn around, they tried to back out. That went well until they got to a particularly boggy area, which pulled their truck off the road, where they tried unsuccessfully to get out of the deep mud.

In the pic, my truck (foreground) is atop the cattle guard at the intersection. I’d pulled the stuck truck to the cattle guard with my chain, but because of the angle and narrowness of the road, I couldn’t get it out of the mud along the road and ONTO the road, and if I’d kept pulling, their left rear wheel would have hit the exposed abutment of the cattle guard. Fortunately, from that point, the driver was able to gun it forward up and out of the mud and onto the road. In the pic above, the truck is on more or less solid ground (it wasn’t all that solid), and the driver and passenger were looking for the tire chains the mud ripped off (at least two of three they put on).

PLEASE do not think that because the snow has melted and the road is brown that it is dry. It most certainly, absolutely, definitely is NOT.

Apparently, I need to add a sign to those seen at the right side of the pic: DO NOT DRIVE WHEN WET. *

Ground moisture = GOOD.

Wet road = VERY, VERY BAD!

We have several days of rain and rain/snow in the forecast – with warm temps – that means the moisture content in the soil will get even better. … And the mud will get even deeper. It’s not spring yet, folks. 🙂 If you’re jonesing to get out and about, please do so responsibly!

(* Note: The three miles from Disappointment Valley Road (starting at the above-mentioned cattle guard intersection) to the boundary of Spring Creek Basin is a county easement/road that crosses private property.)

Cold camo

23 01 2019


Because you can never see too much of this lovely pinto pony who thinks she blends in to her snowy environment. 🙂

Spring Creek Basin got 1 to 3 inches of snow Monday night. Then we had wind, which already scoured some places free or nearly free of snow. It’s very nice to have more moisture!