All that glitters

20 11 2017


Pretty Mysterium rarely gets too excited about things. She takes it all in stride.

Gorgeous girl!


The way it is

24 07 2017

Sundance, Filly Peak



Trio of sweet

11 07 2017

Terra, Piedra and Aurora

Sassy girls Aurora, Terra and Piedra enjoy a breeze that (mostly) kept the gnats away.

That gorgeous girl

24 06 2017


Kestrel looks at her band mates to see if they see what she sees, and whether they’re alarmed and she ought to be. 🙂

They weren’t, and she wasn’t.

Snoozin’ at the seep

8 05 2017

Comanche and Piedra

Comanche and Piedra make a silver pair, don’t they? Love those faces!

Burr-ly hair day

24 04 2017


Sweetness, that greasewood ain’t hidin’ nuthin’. 🙂

Burrs are still burrowing their way into the ponies’ forelocks as they stretch and reach for greening grass.

Short, dark and handsome

18 04 2017


Killian isn’t a big boy, but he’s awfully cute. 🙂