Memorial Day

25 05 2020

Service and sacrifice.

Today, we honor those who died fighting for American freedoms.

Too many men and women, during too many generations, too many wars and conflicts.

We honor those who served and sacrificed, and we remember why. Here, especially, where we value freedom, we remember why.

Lovely rose

3 04 2020


Her grey is whiter, and her dapples are less widespread, but Miss Terra is looking as lovely as ever.


2 12 2019


The band was up a steep ridge above us when I took this shot of Gaia. She was just far enough up the hill to catch the light from the low sun, setting her afire in a golden glow.

Oh, lovely

24 11 2019


That light!

That gold!

That Winona!

Glow undampened

3 11 2019


The sun finally conquered the clouds by the time I made it out to Storm’s band. While some of the horses grazed a bit, others, like Gaia, napped in the dreamy sunshine.

I had to go up and over a small hill to get to the other side of her (the rest of the band was down to the right) so I wouldn’t disturb her. (You can see her still eyeing me, wondering what the heck I was up to.) Her mane had icicles in it from the snow of the night before, and I was trying to get a pic of it.

It never did work out as well as I’d planned because it was much too nice to stop there and sit on a low boulder – cleared of snow – and soak in the rays that the horses were enjoying!

The look that melts

7 10 2019


Do you love that wild face?! Black-as-jet Raven still manages to shine with beauty. 🙂

Apples of his eye

1 10 2019


Killian lagged behind his band because of another band nearby. Here, he’s taking a break from grazing to check on his band, downhill. The other band was uphill. I was on-hill, taking advantage of the gorgeous foreground … and awesome background.


16 09 2019


Healthy, shiny, bay beautiful wild ponies. 🙂


2 08 2019


Truly. 🙂

Not a care

1 08 2019


Kwana is unperturbed as he grazes.

You’d never know it, but there were two other bands – each with lieutenant stallions – very nearby.