A little (lotta) magic

25 02 2017

Rainbow over Temple Butte

Rainbow over Temple Butte

Not many words needed for these images, either. That’s a rainbow right over Temple Butte, guardian of Spring Creek Basin’s southeastern boundary … but as prominent as it is, ALL of Spring Creek Basin.

It has been four years (and a few weeks) since Pati Temple passed away. We miss her every day. And we feel her with us every single day.




4 responses

25 02 2017
Prairie girl

UNREAL! There’s some magic out there, TJ.
And to think you were right there to experience the moment.
Big, big smile.

25 02 2017

Unfortunately, the rainbow didn’t appear until I was OUT of the basin, so no horses for the foreground. 🙂 I had just done a big, wonderful four-hour hike to see horses through some rain, always wind, a tiny bit of sunshine, more rain … and then the rainbow was so close that I could have reached out through the truck window and grabbed hold of it. Absolutely glorious!

25 02 2017
Sue Story

Now these photos are truly beyond any superlatives I could use here – gorgeous, beautiful, stunning – none of them even comes close. What a great catch, TJ, and a nice way to remember your friend, Pati. Even your “mustang-less” pics make a trip to your blog one of the highlights of my day everyday! 🙂

25 02 2017


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