Marvelous muleys with a view

20 02 2017


Aren’t they handsome? That’s Brumley Point at back right.



6 responses

20 02 2017

So clear! No pollution here. That is a nice herd.

20 02 2017
Prairie girl

What a day!

20 02 2017

Are they just passing through on their migration? I would love to come shed hunt. A great looking herd and some great looking boys! I see they aren’t any further along in dropping those antlers than our boys on the East Coast.

20 02 2017

This time of year, they’re still low (in elevation) before heading back “up the mountain,” where it’s still snowy.

20 02 2017
Karen Schmiede

They are really are good looking.

20 02 2017
Sue Story

What a good-looking bunch of deer! And of course, why not; they live out there in beautiful Spring Creek Basin with gorgeous mustangs for company! 🙂

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