Cause & effect

3 07 2013

A little of this:

Copper with Reya and Spirit.

led to a little of this:


Because Corazon (in this pic at far right) wasn’t keen to have Copper (in the first pic at left) horning in on his girl, Reya – in the first pic, flipping her tail, and in the second pic, tossing her mane. The flirt. 🙂


23 05 2013

Spring Creek Basin welcomes baby No. 2!

She’s Reya’s little girl and, I think, Corazon’s.

Reya and her new baby filly.


Baby and Reya, and Corazon trying to keep them away from bachelor Copper.

Reya and her new baby filly.

Big brother S’aka checks out baby sister. Reya’s little brother Maiku also still is with the band.

Reya and her new baby filly.

Love the bright white of a brand-new pinto baby.

Reya and her new baby filly.

Awww … Welcome to your world, baby girl. 🙂

Anchoring Earth and sky

1 04 2013

Copper against the clouds.


Reya, S'aka and Corazon

Reya, S’aka and Corazon

Finally, some nice clouds. But still no moisture from sky to ground.

Spots and a blanket of snow

31 03 2013


Corazon with Reya and S’aka in their high-desert home of Spring Creek Basin. Utah isn’t quite as close as the La Sals in this photo would have you believe, but it is fairly close.

Note the mud on Reya. The Round Top pond is holding a decent amount of water. Three ducks thought it quite fit the bill, too!

Corazon’s heart

21 01 2013

Would you believe this is one of only a few shots (all in the same sequence) I got of Corazon that day that show his left side?

Corazon, S'aka and Reya

With baby S’aka and mama Reya. They also have Reya’s little brother Maiku in their band.

I *heart* mustangs

20 01 2013


Following the “snowy muzzle” theme, this is Corazon, so named for the heart on his left side. He’s one of two black-and-white pintos in the basin. Raven, originally from Sand Wash Basin, is the other.

Love the snow bokeh in the background – snowy spots through the pinon-juniper on the far ridge, outside Spring Creek Basin.

Until recently, part of the white part of Corazon’s mane was threaded through his forelock. He must have flipped it back into place!

And seriously, if you don’t love that cooler-than-cool fringe of white that looks *just* like frost along the white-black transition on the side you can see …! Frosty handsome snow boy!

Spots, illuminated

1 12 2012

S'aka and Corazon

S’aka and stepdaddy Corazon. Reya, S’aka’s mama, is just to the left. They’re in the same place as when I took the photos in the “Against the light” post. What a difference the light makes!