Adding scars

6 07 2013

Sundance on the north hills.

Sundance in soft, scrumptious, sensational light. (Like that?) The boy is recovering from what seems to have been a bit of a wild-horse-heiney-kicking. At least he still has his girls. And I almost hate to say it, but he doesn’t seem to have given nearly as bad as he got. He has some gashes and scrapes and cuts, and he was moving a bit stiffly. None of the other stallions look like they’ve been in a (recent) fight.

If mustangs could talk, what “war stories” they could tell.

But he’s still awfully handsome, isn’t he?

A joy to the heart

16 06 2013

Skywalker with stepdaddy Sundance; mama Raven is immediately to the left.

And that’s about all I have to say about this image.

Bringing you love from Spring Creek Basin: Skywalker and his stepdaddy, Sundance.

Happy Father’s Day. 🙂

Big-belly mamas

14 06 2013

Kootenai, Skywalker, Raven and Sundance.

Kootenai, left, and Raven, the other one with the big belly, are counting the days – or they would if they could count. They’re big mamas-to-be.

Compare the hair

29 05 2013

Sundance and Comanche compare hair.

Sundance and Comanche have a little after-dinner chat. Who knew stallions were really talking about their “do’s” – as in hair-do’s – when they get together. (We all thought they were talking about their mares’ do’s!)

Smile, and enjoy your day. 🙂


25 05 2013

Sundance checking out Hollywood's and Comanche's bands.

Sundance watches Hollywood’s and Comanche’s bands near sunset on a windy day in Spring Creek Basin.


24 04 2013


Sundance. Grey on shadowed blue hills with a touch of green. Clouds at sunset.


21 04 2013

Sundance and Kootenai

Sundance and Kootenai.

This happened almost like the Disney dogs (“Lady and the Tramp”) eating spaghetti; Sundance and Kootenai grazed closer and closer till their faces were touching. It lasted about 1.5 seconds. Then Sundance grazed away, leaving Kootenai just there, with that same wide-eyed look … before she also turned away to continue grazing.

At this point, I’m pretty sure both mares are pregnant (and I don’t think Kootenai is due as long from now as August!?). Skywaker nursing a few weeks ago must have caught Raven in a generous mood. Although I have heard of mares nursing both their newborns and their yearlings, I haven’t seen it here (yet?).