Calendar – September

25 11 2011

September’s selections:

Winona & Traveler



Chipeta & Puzzle

Juniper, Kestrel & Comanche


Hayden, Terra & Winona



20 responses

26 11 2011
maria chervenkova

Hayden, Terra & Winona

26 11 2011

Winona and Traveler

26 11 2011
Nina Serman

Hayden, Terra & Winona

26 11 2011
Morgan Griffith

Juniper, Kestrel and Comanche. Looks like we are all over the place on this one TJ. Will be interesting to see the final tally on this month.

26 11 2011
Karen Schmiede

Hayden, Terra and Winona.

26 11 2011
Teresa Irick

Hayden, Terra, and Winona 1st choice, Steeldust 2nd choice. Really hard to choose!!

26 11 2011
roy garner and sue chisholm

hayden,terra & winona

26 11 2011
Nicole vinson

Chipeta and puzzle

26 11 2011
Alice Billings

Winona and Traveler

27 11 2011
John & Marge Heald

Winona & Traveler

27 11 2011
Sally Coates, Port Angeles, WA

I vote Juniper, Kestrel and Comanche. Nice feel of the pleasant herd dynamics, nice scenery, good variety to add to the calendar.

I love Winona and Traveler also. Beutiful photo. Such nice soft focus as a frame for the shot. Nice TJ

27 11 2011
Puller Lanigan

Steeldust. The photo is different.

27 11 2011

I vote for Winona and Traveler.

Curly votes for Hayden, Terra and Winona.

Madison votes for Chipeta and Puzzle, her words, “Great shot, and two paints together in the horizon, they just look great.”

28 11 2011
Zacharias Larson

Juniper, Kestrel & Comanche were chosen as the favorites from “September’s selections” by Lorraine, Daddy and me.
Mama liked Hook
Debbora, Eunice and Marietta picked Chipeta & Puzzle

This was the hardest of all the months for me to make the final choice. With
Hayden, Terra & Winona and Juniper, Kestrel & Comanche as the last two to choose from.

29 11 2011
Amy and Keith Bean

We both like Winona and Traveler.

3 12 2011
Lynn and Kathy

TWO votes for Winona and Grey (Traveler) – great shot for all the reasons we’ve given before. He’s courting Miss Winona and we just love the *tenderness* he shows…

5 12 2011


got to go with the old man

9 12 2011
Priscilla Burgers

Another tough month! I vote for Chipeta & Puzzle. It would be good to have variety, some closeups, some interactions, some with scenery. My selection might be different if I knew what photos were going to go with the other months. You may have some tough decisions to make!

TJ, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your posts. I love to photograph wildlife! Originally coming from just outside New York City, I haven’t grown up around horses. Your site (I don’t remember how I originally came across it months ago) has given me an appreciation for horses. I have photographed wild horses at four different locations since then and have really enjoyed them and the experience. Thank you.

9 12 2011
Linda Horn

Hook, not just because it’s a handsome image bathed in Fall’s golden light, but just because …

9 12 2011
Krissy DuBois

Winona & Traveler

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