Calendar – July

25 11 2011

On the downward slide.





Calendar – June

25 11 2011

Halfway done!


Iya & Cougar

Varoujan, Luna, Gideon & Alpha

I’ve always loved this one of their faces … it could be a contender for the cover.


Winona, Juniper & Comanche

Hook's band

Eliana & Mahogany


Ze & Sage

Calendar – May

25 11 2011

On to May …

Deniz & Houdini



Boreas & Hayden


Luna & Varoujan


Calendar – April

25 11 2011

Here we go into April!


Iya, Cougar & Hollywood

Roach & Poco



Piedra & Briosa

Luna & Varoujan

Calendar – March

25 11 2011

How are you doing so far? Take a deep breath … this is going to be tough … maybe the toughest month of all, and I may reconsider another month based on what you have to choose from here …

Cuatro & Hook's band

Alegre & Whisper

Gemma & Traveler


Twister & Cuatro


Corazon & Ty


Bounce & Whisper


This one of Cinch could be a contender for the cover.

Calendar – February

25 11 2011

February’s choices:

Traveler, Terra & Gemma

Comanche & Winona


Kootenai, Corona & Raven

Although some of these photos are cropped in different ratios to emphasize the scene, all the photos in the calendar will be 4 inches by 6 inches.

Calendar – January

25 11 2011

Ready? Here are your first choices!






Seven's band

Leave your vote – for each month – in the comments section.

Thank you!

All ready

25 11 2011

While you’re all getting ready for serious voting, here are some pix from the last two days in the basin …

From my visit with Poco and Roach … the La Sal Mountains seen above the northwest valley of the basin.

Roach and Poco



Poco and Roach. Not very often does Poco stand closer to me than Roach.

I had watched them (and Bounce, Tenaz and Seven, and Chrome’s – different directions) from a distance for quite a while as they napped. They both laid down – Poco flat out like a colt. I imagine that sunshine felt terrific (it did).

Poco against the mountains …

Roach against the mountains.

Aspen’s and Sundance’s bands were sharing the roller-coaster ridge pond for their midday drink, and the babies were enjoying some play time.

Killian at left and Apollo.

Coupla things going on here: Mona walked all the way around the pond to drink here, right under the noses of her former pals, Raven and Kootenai – not to mention Sundance. Aspen eventually escorted Roja as she also walked over to drink just there (and *why* just there??). And check out feisty little Mysterium, who has finally gotten fed up with her brother and the new little boy and is chasing him away.

One last pause before he follows mama …

See ya later, alligators! 🙂

Mysterium on the berm of the pond.

Sundance and Raven napping on the berm.

Sundance watching Aspen’s band move off to graze.

Calendar – 2012

25 11 2011

All right, folks, put on your voting caps – it’s time for the second calendar contest for Spring Creek Basin’s mustangs. Please help me decide photos for next year’s calendar, which will feature photos of our gorgeous horses! For your help and support of our wild horses, your vote (at least once) will enter you in a drawing to win a calendar.

It has been another wild year … not without controversy or tragedy (both related and not to the roundup). But the roundup itself was a small part of the year, which included unparalleled joys. I didn’t take any photos during the roundup, so none will be included in this calendar. However, please realize that some (many) photos will be of horses that were removed during the roundup. I think (I know) this might be (will be) emotionally difficult. It already has been difficult for me, looking back through the pix …

I know I’m late (again), and it’s a busy time of year, so let’s get down to business. I also thought I’d have time to look at a different style of calendar, but I just didn’t (crazy year!), so I’ll do the same type that I did last year.

In fact, it worked so well last year that I’m going to do it just like that this year.

Except … let’s have an earlier date to end voting and pick a winner. Tomorrow (Saturday, Nov. 26), I’ll post choices from January through October, and will have November and December up as soon as I can. Voting will end Dec. 9.

I’m just not sure about a cover this year. I have a coupla/few in mind, and I’ll note them in each month. Some months are going to be tough …

I’ll say *most* of the calendar pix will have been taken in the month they represent – of this last year (2011) – except December; I think I’m going to have to pull from last year to get something suitable.

Also like last year …

Purchase info: If you’d like to buy a calendar, I’ve settled on $15, which includes my cost of the calendar and printing the photos and a $5 donation to NMA/CO – and I will send all the calendars with our most recent newsletter (which I also have to buckle down and create!) and the brochure we did with BLM. I know photos and descriptions can be misleading, so I want to make sure you all know this is NOT a commercially-produced, large-format, glossy calendar. It IS small – the calendar itself is about 5 3/4 inches by 7 3/4inches and opens to 5 3/4 by 11 1/4 inches long. The photos ARE custom – all Spring Creek Basin mustangs, all taken by yours truly in 2011 (or 2010), (mostly) in the months they represent. The photos are 4Ă—6 inches. I’ll probably have the photos printed commercially this year. They’re then attached to the calendar with pre-set adhesive strips. (The calendars are printed on recycled paper, and the company is based in Colorado Springs. Learn more about them at Photographer’s Edge.)

You can see last year’s calendar and all the photos by clicking on “December 2010” under “Archives” at upper right on this blog.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who read about these amazing horses for your support. Your support is felt. THANK YOU!

Enter gratitude

24 11 2011

To say the day was amazing would be a massive understatement.

I am thankful for every minute I spend with these horses. Joy – always – and I hope it leads also to greater understanding, as well as the knowledge that there are some things we’re simply not meant to know. That sometimes, the joy really is enough.

Good gorgeous morning, handsome!

Giving thanks for all the blessings in my life was never so enjoyable or sun-kissed (or easy on the waistline!).

In other news, I’m working on calendar posts, trying to get them up earlier than last year … but still feeling late. First, I’ll put up some details, including a deadline date to vote by. I’m going to try to post the selections all at once (crazy beautiful pony images to go through from this visit). My suggestion will be to go through all the posts – all the photos – and then cast your votes. There are some tough choices coming …

No particular images stand out to me this year for a cover – or, maybe more correctly, too many do?! So I’ll be looking for suggestions!

As last year, in gratitude for your help, all voters’ names will be entered in a drawing to win a calendar. Thank you in advance for your help!