Calendar – August

25 11 2011

August’s offerings:

Cinch's band

Ty & Chipeta

Hacho & Kiowa


Comanche & Chrome




24 responses

26 11 2011
maria chervenkova

Comanche & Chrome

26 11 2011

Ty and Chipeta

26 11 2011
Morgan Griffith

Comanche and Chrome. Don’t usually like photos of 2 stallions facing off but that is gorgeous.

26 11 2011
maria chervenkova

I agree.Altough Mysterium is my favourite this year’s faol,I say again that we should vote for the photo,not for the horse

26 11 2011
Karen Schmiede

I like Cinch’s band.

26 11 2011
Teresa Irick


26 11 2011
roy garner and sue chisholm

ok so now we know why there is a vote
how do we choose??????
comanche & chrome

26 11 2011
Nicole vinson

Comanche and chrome

26 11 2011
John & Marge Heald

Comanche & Chrome , fantastic timing ,the right spot at the right time.

26 11 2011
Alice Billings

Cinch’s Band

27 11 2011
Sally Coates, Port Angeles, WA

Comanche and Chrome. Some shots just have to been shared. Your pictures tell stories and this one is a fact of herd life and the timing was spot on. Great shot.

Hacho and Kiowa what a sweet picture.

My favorite picture of Mysterium. She is adorable.
A tough month!!

27 11 2011
Puller Lanigan

Comanche & Chrome or Gaia

27 11 2011

I’m seeing a theme in your “or” choices … 🙂

27 11 2011
Puller Lanigan

Mysterium would be third pick b/c she has such fabulous markings!

27 11 2011

I pick Ty and Chipeta.

Curly picks Comanche and Chrome.

Madison picks Mysterium.

28 11 2011
Zacharias Larson

I picked Ty & Chipeta
Lorraine, Marietta and Eunice vote Mysterium
Daddy votes Cinch’s band
Debbora and Mama chose Gaia

29 11 2011
Amy and Keith Bean

Keith likes Comanche and Chrome.

I like Hacho and Kiowa.

1 12 2011

Commanche & Chrome, hard to resist the beautiful flowing manes.

3 12 2011
Lynn and Kathy

TWO votes here for Ty and Chipeta. Again, we love photos that show the loving interaction between stallion and mare, mother/father and child, etc. Asher comes from fine parentage! The shot of Comanche and Chrome fighting is good, and that does happen in the Basin but, we would rather others for publication just *because* – still, a good shot…

5 12 2011

Comanche & Chrome

9 12 2011
Priscilla Burgers

Another really tough month! I love the interaction between Hacho & Kiowa, so they have my vote. Mysterium is so cute, that would be my second choice. Comanche and Chrome fighting would be third. I was shooting a herd of wild horses that I came across in Nevada and would have gotten a shot like that, but one horse reared up so much that the top of his head was out of the picture! Action shots like that can be difficult to capture and you captured very well!

9 12 2011
Nina Serman

Cinch’s band or Comanche & Chrome, whichever gets more votes. If it is down to these two, then Cinch’s band.

9 12 2011
Linda Horn

Honors to Hacho and wonderful Kiowa. Great action shot of Comanche & Chrome, but not my first choice. For August, I vote for Mysterium. Just can’t resist those doe eyes … or, for that matter, anything else!

9 12 2011
Krissy DuBois

man, this one was hard…but….Hacho & Kiowa because of the LOVE captured.

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