Pro posers

6 08 2019

Alegre and Maia

Alegre and Maia are well-practiced at looking gorgeous in late-afternoon light in Spring Creek Basin, even if Maia wants to look coy about it. 🙂

Summer rain = running creek

5 08 2019

Piedra above Spring Creek

Piedra grazes above FLOWING Spring Creek.

Yes, we got rain, and yes, we are very happy. 🙂 This isn’t the only creek flowing in Disappointment Valley after rain yesterday!

On the move

4 08 2019


Wary Chipeta likes to keep plenty of distance between herself and two-leggeds toting cameras. When she grazes, she does it with her butt to me. The side look is a better look. 🙂

Just a glance

3 08 2019


While sitting on a fallen tree watching a band, I looked over to see Hollywood watching them, too.

We don’t have many trees in Spring Creek Basin, but the horses occasionally take advantage of the ones we do have. And sometimes, the photographers do, too. 🙂

Shady dude

31 07 2019

Comanche; McKenna Peak

Comanche takes advantage of some shade in the late afternoon before joining the caravan to the local water hole.

Hunka hunk

29 07 2019


It’s always a treat to see handsome Sundance. Looking for him and his band led to seeing some positives in the basin after a few recent rains. 🙂

Spots that glow

28 07 2019

Spirit and Puzzle

Spirit and Puzzle in the gold of late evening.

Sometimes, there’s nothing else necessary to say.