Shades of shale ‘n grey

11 04 2019

Comanche; McKenna Peak, Temple Butte

Comanche, like the rest of us, is waiting for greenup.

Some moisture fell in Disappointment Valley in the form of blowing snow. Mostly, it blew on through. We’re not in the path of the big storm, and we’re glad for the little bit of wetness that we got.



10 04 2019


Not sure what Mister Sundance got into, but he has a boo-boo.

He also has the cutest mustache in the wild. 🙂

Still winter somewhere

9 04 2019


It’s no longer winter in Spring Creek Basin, but in the far distance (to the south), you can see the source of some of our running water in this little part of the Colorado world.

So here we have one of our favorite little feisty pintos and a reminder of our wonderful winter … and great spring to come!

Swish ‘n flick

8 04 2019


Harry Potter fans will get the above reference. And Shadow, well, she has her own wild magic. 🙂

Sway ‘n swish

7 04 2019


How did young Kwana get so grey so fast? I can’t answer that, but he’s always been handsome. 🙂

Ravin’ on Raven

6 04 2019


Because she’s just gorgeously wild. 🙂


5 04 2019

Hollywood's band

During a cloudy day with rain clouds prevalent – and rain that chased us out of the basin shortly after this photo was taken – a new friend and I found Hollywood’s band in time to see them lit up like the rockstars they are.