Takin’ a turn

7 02 2019


This pic of Aurora was taken a week or so ago. Then that snow melted. Yesterday, Disappointment Valley got white again!

Because we need it so badly in Southwest Colorado, we hope everyone got a great dose of life-giving snow!



6 02 2019


She’s a mom, grandma and great-grandma. She’s an icon of Spring Creek Basin.

She, of course, is our Houdini. 🙂


A note from Mason & Mason Images: They’re offering free shipping on their 2019 Wild Horses of Spring Creek Basin calendars through February, a savings of $9.95. These feature the gorgeous mustangs of Spring Creek Basin, so if you need a calendar (one is hanging in my house!), check them out. Karen and her husband, Shaun, have dedicated $5 from each calendar to the Colorado chapter of the National Mustang Association. We’re very grateful!

Lookin’ like awesome

5 02 2019


Tenaz looks good in snow and (dried) mud.

We’re hanging onto memories of that snow because what we have now is the mud – not so dry. 🙂 All moisture is good – and sooooooooo welcome! – and we DO have snow in the forecast!

Another great pinto, another great view

4 02 2019

Reya; Spring Creek canyon; La Sal Mountains

Reya, perfectly at home.

Our snow is gone, but our ground is SOGGY again. We got at least half an inch of rain yesterday, and news from up-valley is that Disappointment Creek is *raging*! This is good for our coming year.


Went back and forth … finally decided to note that today is the sixth anniversary of Pati Temple’s passing. Even if you’re a new reader, you likely have picked up on how special Pati was to us and the mustangs of Spring Creek Basin. For Christmas, we got the news that Temple Butte’s name is official. It’s bittersweet that we honor her that way. We’d definitely rather have her with us … but she is, an angel with us always.

She IS the view

3 02 2019


Spirit is the beauty for the trees. 🙂

Hearing the hounds

2 02 2019

Temple, listening to hounds baying

Fuzzy Temple listens to dogs baying in the distance. That’s not something we hear every day.

Oh no you don’t

1 02 2019


Comanche has his eyes on a young stallion at the edge of comfort. He looks all handsome … but there’s steel in that look!