Sage, Cuatro, Hannah and Briosa

5 10 2011

Update about Sage, Cuatro, Hannah and Briosa. They look like they’re settling in and doing very well!

Briosa and Hannah
Cuatro and Sage
Cuatro (left) and Sage

Don’t they all look great? And even some nice fall color from our corner of Colorado.

Photos by Alice (who is going to adopt Liberty). Neighbor Dana adopted these four beauties.

Aurora & Whisper

10 09 2011

Trying to pull out some photos to share … busy time.

Here are a couple of darling Aurora (daughter of Alegre and Bounce) and her big brother, Whisper. These two are so much fun. I see in them Gaia and Whisper from a couple of years ago.


Big brother Whisper is 2.

I’m going to try to post more pix of them together.

Isn’t she a beauty?

One more, not related … but leads to a change …

Looking at us is Briosa. Harder to recognize from this view is Juniper. Briosa is in Hollywood’s band (his daughter, and Piedra’s), and Juniper is Comanche’s and Kestrel’s daughter. The bands have been hanging out together for weeks now, and I almost saw some interaction between these two a coupla-few weeks ago … but this is the first time I’d actually seen it. The horses were closer than I’d ever seen them, actually intermixing at times with Piedra and Mahogany closer to Comanche than to Hollywood. All calm.

Someone was missing … and it nearly gave me a heart attack … until I found her again. Can’t say I’m surprised about who she’s with … though the timing leaves something to be desired …

Some babies

21 08 2011

Can’t resist these faces!

Curious Briosa – from my visit with Hollywood’s band.

Comanche’s were nearby, as they have been lately. While I was photographing Holls’ band, Comanche’s grazed their way around behind me, and when I looked back, Juniper had laid down.

That’s Comanche in the foreground, and wow, does Juni look more and more like him.

Bri ambled – really, there’s no other word for it – over toward them, and I practically held my breath, thinking I was going to see some adorable interaction between Juni and Bri … but it never materialized because Bri never made it all the way to Juni.

Briosa walking over … notice the rain on the far western hills (outside the herd area). Thunder boomers were rumbling nearly the entire time I visited the bands, but the rain moved straight down along the hills and didn’t come over the basin. In fact, once the rain passed by yonder, sunshine came out over the whole area!

Eliana stayed behind – that’s Piedra in the background. She doesn’t seem to be as outgoing as Briosa. You might think (despite the mud) that Briosa and Eliana are sisters, but you’d be wrong. However, it’s very possible that Eliana is Briosa’s aunt (half-sister to Piedra, who might be a daughter of Eliana’s mama, Mahogany).

But as I was saying … Briosa got a little distracted.

Bri gives Comanche a sniff-er-oo while he watches Hollywood’s band. He practically ignored her, though, and made a circuit on farther out, then back to Kestrel and Winona, who were to the left and slightly behind Juniper.

Juniper was not phased in the least.

I wish more of her face was visible, but I love her legs tucked up so tight while she rolled. 🙂 She’d roll and right herself … roll and right herself …  laid there for a while longer … then lurched to her feet and burst into a gallop to and past mama, where she stopped and looked back as if to say, “Didja see me? Huh? Didja?”

Yes, baby girl, I saw you! 🙂

Heaven in a meadow

4 08 2011

The northwest “meadow” is the new east pocket.

There’s grass. There’s water.

Horses are there.

Four beautiful bands … and Kreacher’s – and Duke – were just to my left.

Beautiful day. How could I have thought he wouldn’t still be there?

Return …

2 08 2011

I realize that by the time I publish this, I’ve already published my “education” post, that you’ll read it – if you wade through it at all – after you look through these. Nonetheless, I’m calling this post “return” because hopefully it marks a return to photos of the horses and place I’m so passionate about.

Without further ado … These are from the day of the tour.

Bounce’s band, early morning before anyone else arrived, just west of the east pocket.

The helicopter. I never even took pix Grey’s band, just hung out while they napped.

Later in the day, after the tour … before I knew about Twister:

Comanche’s band was very near Hollywood’s – still – and had done a bit of traveling during the day (though I can’t comment definitively on the particular cause). Earlier in the day, we could see them north of Spring Creek Canyon; here, they were just off the road above the dugout (east of their earlier location).

Hollywood’s band

Piedra and Briosa. Comanche’s were just up the hill to the right. This was taken from just off the road.

Briosa. Isn’t she a stout big girl?

Eliana, Spring Creek Canyon in the background.




I so enjoyed visiting with them, taking these pix of the horses against the Colorado sky with the favorable clouds we’ve seen so little of this year. I didn’t want to leave, though I was headed to check on Twister. I wasn’t aware yet of what I would find with him.

After I’d finally gotten in touch with BLM about Twister, I couldn’t stay in the basin (I didn’t leave the area so I could lead BLM to Twister in the morning). Almost didn’t even stop to greet David’s band when I found them, just inside the fence along the Disappointment Road.

Shadow and Coal

Yearling Wind wiggling between mama and baby brother. You can see the fence strands in the foreground – that’s how close they were.

Handsome baby Coal

Horrible day … and yet a good day, too. Seems to be a contradiction that settles over my entire mustang experience. Can’t explain it … and I guess, overall, I really wouldn’t change it. The “good” is really just that phenomenal.


19 07 2011

Now for some girls. 🙂 From the same evening with Comanche’s and Hollywood’s band.

Briosa and Eliana with Eli’s mom and Bri’s (likely) grandma – Mahogany.

A little girl (Juniper) in a great big country. The hill in the middle distance is Flat Top.

Juni walking up to big sister Winona.

Later … I’m not entirely sure whether she was whinnying at Hollywood or Bri and Eli.

Briosa with mama Piedra

Eliana with mama Mahogany

Mama/grandma Mahogany with her girls …

… She seems to have a little more patience for both of them together. Piedra has less patience with Eliana … but watching Eliana and Briosa, it’s easier to tell which of the mares outrank which – Eliana, the little princess, is clearly the leader between her and Briosa – even though Bri is older and bigger.

But Bri is a bit more curious!

They do hang out quite a bit together now. 🙂

Besotted? Who, me?! 🙂


18 07 2011

Some pix of Comanche and Hollywood from the other night. Their bands were close to each other in this beautiful little meadow at the top of the basin, on the northwest side. All was calm until curious Georgie – I mean, Winona – grazed her way close enough to Holls to not be able to contain that curiosity any longer! Comanche then strutted down to put an end to THAT nonsense. Ha! Later, Duke came whinnying out of the trees across the valley to the north, and that got the boys’ attention, too. Comanche did go racing off to greet him, but I had crossed an arroyo to seek shade and was blocked by trees. I wish this “boys” post included pix of him, but I pulled a dumb newbie mistake and didn’t have an empty memory card in my pocket like usual – and I had no idea I’d taken so many pix – until right after Eliana left the pond. I just sat and watched while the horses grazed into the overtaking shadows, but when I walked back to the Jeep past Duke, it was just to greet him and admire his sleek and shiny bayness – not to take any pix.

He had a little fit of pique when Juniper got “too close” to his own girls, and this is him encouraging her to return “home.”

Comanche with a most-recognizable backdrop – McKenna Peak and the unnamed promontory.

Watching Duke, but he didn’t leave his mares … which is interesting because I watched specifically to see if he would. But maybe he’s learning, and it seemed to me that he quite remembered Comanche stealing almost all his family earlier this year (not long after Cougar was born). He has lost Piedra at least twice before because of his penchant for running off to spar, leaving her unprotected.

So handsome. So wild. So awesome.


I love his walk!

Hollywood and his little girls – Briosa (back) is his daughter, and Eliana is Sundance’s daughter … but her mother is possibly Briosa’s mother’s mother, which makes Eliana Briosa’s aunt! And Mahogany – Eliana’s mama – Bri’s grandma!

Comanche with Kestrel and baby Juniper. Love that background!