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2 08 2011

I realize that by the time I publish this, I’ve already published my “education” post, that you’ll read it – if you wade through it at all – after you look through these. Nonetheless, I’m calling this post “return” because hopefully it marks a return to photos of the horses and place I’m so passionate about.

Without further ado … These are from the day of the tour.

Bounce’s band, early morning before anyone else arrived, just west of the east pocket.

The helicopter. I never even took pix Grey’s band, just hung out while they napped.

Later in the day, after the tour … before I knew about Twister:

Comanche’s band was very near Hollywood’s – still – and had done a bit of traveling during the day (though I can’t comment definitively on the particular cause). Earlier in the day, we could see them north of Spring Creek Canyon; here, they were just off the road above the dugout (east of their earlier location).

Hollywood’s band

Piedra and Briosa. Comanche’s were just up the hill to the right. This was taken from just off the road.

Briosa. Isn’t she a stout big girl?

Eliana, Spring Creek Canyon in the background.




I so enjoyed visiting with them, taking these pix of the horses against the Colorado sky with the favorable clouds we’ve seen so little of this year. I didn’t want to leave, though I was headed to check on Twister. I wasn’t aware yet of what I would find with him.

After I’d finally gotten in touch with BLM about Twister, I couldn’t stay in the basin (I didn’t leave the area so I could lead BLM to Twister in the morning). Almost didn’t even stop to greet David’s band when I found them, just inside the fence along the Disappointment Road.

Shadow and Coal

Yearling Wind wiggling between mama and baby brother. You can see the fence strands in the foreground – that’s how close they were.

Handsome baby Coal

Horrible day … and yet a good day, too. Seems to be a contradiction that settles over my entire mustang experience. Can’t explain it … and I guess, overall, I really wouldn’t change it. The “good” is really just that phenomenal.



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2 08 2011
Linda Horn

A very sad day, but hopeful as well. Good to hear about your “entourage”. I hope witnessing how the horses reacted to the helicopter and strange vehicles vs. their normal behaviour made an impression, even if they didn’t say anything conclusive. I wish they’d been able to personally see David’s band for contrast. How far away were they?

And, as always, thanks for these wonderful photos. ‘Nona’s really knocks me out! She has such a look of elegance about her. Truly stunning!

2 08 2011
Linda Horn

Do you get many helicopter flyovers? Don’t recall you mentioning any before.

3 08 2011

There’s probably about 10-15 yards between the road and the fence, and the horses were just inside the fence with a deep arroyo behind them. I wasn’t sure how they’d react to the Jeep because Shadow is pretty wary when I’m out on foot, but she didn’t seem to be worried at all.

Isn’t Winona gorgeous? I’m going to make a case for her to stay.

There was another flyover a year or two ago … It had just stopped raining, and at first, I thought the noise was a group of ATVs coming, and I couldn’t believe anyone else would be out there in the rain (I was camping, so wasn’t worried about not being able to get out). But it wasn’t ATVs, it was a helicopter. I was watching four bands then, and all of them went galloping when the helicopter flew over – very low, west to east, then. I watched Grey/Traveler’s band run and run until the were out of sight. A group of bachelors didn’t go all that far … one band I didn’t see again that day, and another band I literally stumbled on during a long hike – never thought to see them where I did.

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