Sage, Cuatro, Hannah and Briosa

5 10 2011

Update about Sage, Cuatro, Hannah and Briosa. They look like they’re settling in and doing very well!

Briosa and Hannah
Cuatro and Sage
Cuatro (left) and Sage

Don’t they all look great? And even some nice fall color from our corner of Colorado.

Photos by Alice (who is going to adopt Liberty). Neighbor Dana adopted these four beauties.



3 responses

7 10 2011
Puller Lanigan

Are they somewhat close to what used to be home?

7 10 2011

Yes. In an adjacent county, in fact.

9 10 2011
Lynn and Kathy

THANK YOU SO MUCH for adopting “Sage”: – He’s a good one! Of course, we’re predjudiced ’cause we were fortunate enough to see him only a few hours after his birth and gave him the name “Sage.” Please love him as much as we do!! Thanks again!!!

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