Some babies

21 08 2011

Can’t resist these faces!

Curious Briosa – from my visit with Hollywood’s band.

Comanche’s were nearby, as they have been lately. While I was photographing Holls’ band, Comanche’s grazed their way around behind me, and when I looked back, Juniper had laid down.

That’s Comanche in the foreground, and wow, does Juni look more and more like him.

Bri ambled – really, there’s no other word for it – over toward them, and I practically held my breath, thinking I was going to see some adorable interaction between Juni and Bri … but it never materialized because Bri never made it all the way to Juni.

Briosa walking over … notice the rain on the far western hills (outside the herd area). Thunder boomers were rumbling nearly the entire time I visited the bands, but the rain moved straight down along the hills and didn’t come over the basin. In fact, once the rain passed by yonder, sunshine came out over the whole area!

Eliana stayed behind – that’s Piedra in the background. She doesn’t seem to be as outgoing as Briosa. You might think (despite the mud) that Briosa and Eliana are sisters, but you’d be wrong. However, it’s very possible that Eliana is Briosa’s aunt (half-sister to Piedra, who might be a daughter of Eliana’s mama, Mahogany).

But as I was saying … Briosa got a little distracted.

Bri gives Comanche a sniff-er-oo while he watches Hollywood’s band. He practically ignored her, though, and made a circuit on farther out, then back to Kestrel and Winona, who were to the left and slightly behind Juniper.

Juniper was not phased in the least.

I wish more of her face was visible, but I love her legs tucked up so tight while she rolled. πŸ™‚ She’d roll and right herself … roll and right herself …Β  laid there for a while longer … then lurched to her feet and burst into a gallop to and past mama, where she stopped and looked back as if to say, “Didja see me? Huh? Didja?”

Yes, baby girl, I saw you! πŸ™‚



2 responses

21 08 2011
Lynn and Kathy

Juni is as cute as can be – really love that face marking! Thanks for these shots!! As usual, you’ve found a way to tell a wonderful, tender story! Keep going… it’s important! πŸ˜‰

24 08 2011

Thanks. πŸ™‚

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