Heaven in a meadow

4 08 2011

The northwest “meadow” is the new east pocket.

There’s grass. There’s water.

Horses are there.

Four beautiful bands … and Kreacher’s – and Duke – were just to my left.

Beautiful day. How could I have thought he wouldn’t still be there?



9 responses

4 08 2011
Mar Wargo

Isn’t this just the most lovely picture? To see these horses there in peace is delightful! mar

5 08 2011
Linda Horn

WOW! That landscape is stunning? From that angle, you’d almost think the Mustangs were someone’s personal herd grazing on an irrigated pasture. Did you take it in the past few days?

We’ve had wonderful cumulus clouds and some promising thunderheads moving all around Farmington. Of course, they dissipate over the “urban heat island” that few people, esp. City Council (Develop, baby, develop!) & extractors (Drill, baby, drill!), are willing to acknowledge. I’ve made some converts, but not nearly enough to make a difference.

Now people are complaining about lack of rain in the “monsoon season”. DUH!!!

5 08 2011
Linda Horn

Should have been “The landscape is stunning!” It’s early. MORE COFFEE!!!

5 08 2011
Karen Schmiede

What a beautiful, peaceful picture. Wish I could see it in person.

5 08 2011

I second Linda’s comment…this does looks like a domestic herd photo, perhaps a testment to how respectful you are of they space and how much they trust you. GREAT PHOTO T.J., thanks for posting it for us to share.

5 08 2011

🙂 I took this as my “last look back” before I left for the day (this was yesterday, 8/4) … Just a bit earlier, I was sitting out in the middle of them – just like that. Pretty awesome.

5 08 2011

If this picture couldn’t make a heart soar, nothing else would! :]

5 08 2011

Thanks, Tracy. It was pretty cool being there. I was wishing I had even a recorder to listen to the horses grazing and swishing and moving. Very awesome. The sun came out just as I was leaving …

7 08 2011
Lynn and Kathy

Beautiful – we know EXACTLY where you had to be standing! Very, very nice photo – a picture to keep in mind into the weeks to come! Good job, TJ!

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