Mysterious Mysterium

17 02 2013


Pretty, sweet Mysterium. Don’t you love her jawline fringe?

One (more) scar

16 02 2013

Hollywood sports a new injury.

From this week. The cut is fairly small, but like most face wounds, it obviously bled. Most of what you see is just dried blood.

What fun would life be without a scar or three?

A stallion’s moments

15 02 2013


From last week. Comanche ran off Bounce from near Piedra, Temple and Aurora, then Hollywood came from where he was grazing with Mona and Shane and ran off Comanche, then he went after Bounce. (No stallion likes to be caught napping on the job, even by his pal.)

Bounce and Hollywood. After sunset.

The sun had set, but I didn’t want to leave.

Hollywood chasing Bounce. After sunset.

Hollywood was cantering after Bounce. I love his look, frozen in a photo, with his head turned just so to catch the last light of day in his eye. He looks like he’s dancing.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 02 2013

Madison gives Temple a kiss.

Sometimes, the best kisses catch you by surprise!

Madison and Temple are growing up together because their families stick close together. Madison is Comanche’s and Kestrel’s daughter, and Temple is the daughter of Hollywood and Piedra.

These two sweethearts know how to celebrate the day of love!

Piedra in gold

13 02 2013

Piedra at sunset.

Gorgeous girl in golden light. She makes my heart sing.

Blaze’n beauties

12 02 2013

Kwana and Terra right at sunset, corral hill.

Terra and Kwana *right* at sunset. Terra is looking at Chrome, who was down the hill a short distance. Winona was immediately to the right of Kwana.

Lovely mama and son in soft, sweet light.

Not weaned yet

11 02 2013


Skywalker doesn’t have much longer to nurse before mama Rave starts to wean him in preparation for her new baby. But by the looks of this sweet mama, she’s in no hurry to wean her big baby boy. Love how she seems to be hugging him, content in the late-day light.

This was taken last week. Yesterday, the basin – at least parts of – got about 5 inches of snow. What a relief.

Walk on

10 02 2013


Easier said than done sometimes, but we do it because the sun comes up and days stretch before us, needing to be lived. And with each day we live – well – we honor those we’ve lost.

Pati Temple

5 02 2013


Mustang angel and lover of all wild life Pati Temple passed away yesterday evening.

Look out, God, whirlwind coming your way!

Pati was one of the most influential people in my life, despite having known her for just the last few years. Words cannot come close to describing the dynamo that was Pati, and at this point, the heartbreak is too raw to try.

God speed, Pati, on the wings of your beloved mustangs. You are much loved and will be most incredibly missed.


4 02 2013

Seneca and daddy Ty.

Seneca carefully watches daddy Ty graze the choice grasses still available through the snow. Pictured is – I think – sand dropseed, prevalent throughout the basin.

Seneca and daddy Ty.

Mini me with daddy. Nearly identical stances, which isn’t all that unusual, but it’s CUTE!

Seneca making a funny face while grazing in the snow with daddy Ty.

Mmm hmm. Cute. 🙂