Fabulous family

19 02 2013


Chipeta with the iconic unnamed promontory behind her. Some girls wear braids or dye a lock of hair; Chipeta is following mustang fashion with the twig accessory. She is a trendy girl.

Ty watches Copper.

Ty, looking all dapply and handsome.

Seneca taking a nap.

Baby Seneca taking a nap.

Chipeta and Seneca watch a truck drive west on the Disappointment Road.

Mama and daughter, watching a truck drive by on the road down the hill.

I don’t think I posted these, taken a few weeks ago. Such a sweet family.



5 responses

19 02 2013
Prairie girl

Okay, that’s it…Chipeta’s my favorite! Her two toned colors and little white muzzle. So, so sweet. And I think Ty has such a nice looking head. 🙂

19 02 2013

She’s clearly Ty’s favorite, too. He stuck with the band she was in for a long time as a bachelor before he got her as his mare!

19 02 2013
Puller Lanigan

Is Ty’s band larger, or just Chipeta and Seneca?

19 02 2013

Chipeta’s my favorite! +1

20 02 2013
Pat Amthor

Sweet family!!

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