Side by side

28 02 2013

Shane and mama Mona

Mona (dun) and her daughter Shane both ended up in Hollywood’s band, separately. Shane turned 2 in September. She’s still close to her mama.



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28 02 2013
Prairie girl

Oh yes ma’am, I adore these two.
There is something so beautiful about all these wild horse heads.
They are strong and sturdy and sweet.

28 02 2013

Shane reminds me more of Aspen than of her sire, Kreacher. They have the same head shape. But as far as I know, Aspen and Kreacher aren’t related … but who really knows?

28 02 2013
Puller Lanigan

TJ, How did they end up with Hollywood separately? Who was Mona with previously?

28 02 2013

Let’s see … Aspen had them both for a while, then Shane ended up with Hollywood. Aspen has a “habit” of not keeping any mares he ends up with. I can’t remember when, but Hollywood eventually stole Mona from him, too. Interesting that they ended up in the same band. Kind of like Alegre and Gaia (Gaia is Alegre’s daughter) being in the same band (Grey/Traveler’s) most of last year … and now Corona being back with her mama, Raven, in Sundance’s band.

28 02 2013

The bonds that wild horses have should not be interupted by man. Look at those sleepy girls. So lovely.

28 02 2013

Beautiful to see those bonds, isn’t it? 🙂

1 03 2013

It is. I love your photos of the wild ones. The family love really comes through.

2 03 2013
Pat Amthor

Spring is coming. Do the bands change members more in the spring??

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