On the rocks

22 02 2013

Winona and Chrome among the rocks of Filly Peak.

Who is that wonderful artist who “hides” her pinto horses in snow and rocks and trees? Does this photo remind you of her art? Maybe I’m just crazy! Terra and Kwana, out in the open, were easy to spot this particular morning before sunrise, but Chrome and Winona were “hiding” in plain sight among the boulders of Filly Peak!



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22 02 2013

Bev Doolittle

22 02 2013

Yes! Thanks – I couldn’t remember!

22 02 2013
Prairie girl

Yeah! And as I look closer, I see a cougar head in the rocks…and a fox!
I’m just glad there’s a bit of snow.
Happy Friday to you, TJ, queen of Kodachrome.

22 02 2013

Ha. Cool! This was taken about a week ago. It all melted, but we got a little last night! Yay!

22 02 2013

Tee hee! Their testing you. Let’s see how long it will take her to find us today, huh. You showed them, they can’t hide from you.

22 02 2013

My thoughts exactly! The horses are lovely as always!

26 02 2013
Pat Amthor


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