Suddenly seen

23 08 2012

Around a bend came I, and there they were, like ghosts made real.

Kreacher, left, and Seven. And … do you see the ghost in the background?

Who? Why … Hou……dini!

Grey/Traveler’s band.

Up the hill – way up – Sundance’s band.

Out on the edge of the valley, Aspen and Bounce – and the younger misters.

Already visited below the trickle: Comanche’s and Hollywood’s.

Oh, the magic of the evening. No words. Not many, anyway. 🙂



2 responses

23 08 2012

Gorgeous greys!

25 08 2012

Hi TJ. Absolutely love your website and your tireless work with horses. I am an artist who enjoys painting landscapes and animals in their natural habitat. You have some lovely pictures of horses and surrounding Colorado scenery and respectfully ask you if it would be okay to refer to some of your pictures as reference for my paintings. I would be willing to send you prints of any of the paintings I finish. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

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