Terra has a baby

27 08 2012

It’s official: Terra is a mama! You all can say you told me so. 🙂

Can you tell that he has blue eyes? Just like Terra when she was a baby!

He’s a colt. Bay now but will turn grey. He has a big blaze and white on all four legs – like daddy Chrome!

Daddy Chrome. The timing of baby’s birth fits. She must have conceived immediately after Chrome acquired her and Winona after the roundup last year. (That’s one of the basin’s boundary fences in the background.)

The rest of his family: “Auntie” Winona checks out the little mister while he’s down for a nap. She is staying close to the new mama and baby.

New mama with her baby boy.

A storm was trying to move through, so I got sunshine and shade. The light was fantastic.


Worth mentioning: Grey/Traveler, Terra’s daddy, is granddaddy. He surely is a grandpa many times over, but this baby is the first I can confirm. A legacy worth preserving!



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28 08 2012
Julie Onshus

OMG What a cutie!!!! Looks like she is a super momma too!!!

28 08 2012

She is, and she comes by it naturally. Her mama, Houdini, is one of the best mamas in the herd!

29 08 2012

TJ, I am amazed that that baby’s eyes are ice blue and will turn dark. Really? Does that happen often or is that what tells you he will turn grey (my second amazement)? Terra is gorgeous, as is Winona. Who is Chrome out of?

29 08 2012

I don’t know how often it happens; we’ve had a few foals with blue eyes. Terra’s eyes aren’t blue anymore, but they’re almost like a clear amber. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether the babies will turn grey, but you can see it especially in his legs. And with both mama and daddy – and at least grandpa Grey/Traveler and grandma Houdini grey – baby would be battling long odds to stay bay. 🙂 Chrome already was mature when I started documenting, so I don’t know his sire or dam.

29 08 2012

In that last photo, Terra looks like Pops.

30 08 2012
Karen Keene Day

what a trully magnificent groupings of photos of Terra and her new son. Each and every picture of them together is a treasure. Thank you for documenting them.

1 09 2012
Lynn and Kathy

WOW! What a darling and a colt to boot! But, best of all, Grey’s confirmed grandson – yeah, that’s a very special legacy indeed! Great photos, great family! Nice job, sis!!! 🙂

1 09 2012
Pat Amthor

Fabulous pictures! So great for you to be there!

3 09 2012

These are the moments I love.

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