Seldom seen

29 08 2012

Continuing the sons and fathers theme, here’s a pic of Killian, son of Seven.

And he bears a striking resemblance to big brother Ze, from his color to the curious tilt of his handsome face!

This pic was taken one evening in the basin. He’s still with mama Roja, and they’re still in the east pocket, and still with young Storm.

Roja, looking trim and fit.

Storm, hunky hunk that he is!

Killian and mama.

Isn’t he stunning? Hard to believe he’s only 4.

I saw them only by the chance sighting of Storm’s tail flashing seconds before he disappeared behind a hill close to the road. But it was a marvelous end to a magical evening with the ponies.



4 responses

1 09 2012

Beautiful, sweet faces…

3 09 2012

Aren’t they great? 🙂

1 09 2012
Lynn and Kathy

Killian turned out to be really good-looking, didn’t he? Love his very refined head and great facial expression!! Storm is, well, you said it best: Stunning!!
Nice photos of horses we don’t see much of on the blog… Thanks!! 🙂

3 09 2012

Yes, he did. 🙂

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