Playing in water

16 06 2012

And now some light-hearted water fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

Apollo gets ready to walk out of the pond while Hayden tests the splashability. I’m taking this from my Jeep up on the road. This is the Sorrel Flats pond back in the eastern part of the basin.

Zoomed out to show more of the pond. As part of my documentation of the horses these last few years, I keep track of how much water the ponds have and when they go dry – and when they fill back up with the summer rains. Now that we have a herd manager who is interested, I share that information with him. The pond just north of here – the east-pocket pond – went dry just a week or so ago, just a few days after our herd manager saw it with very shallow water.

Apollo, Hayden and Tenaz grazing on the flats just above the pond. I should have some better photos of these boys soon tweaked and posted.There’s not a lot of surface area here, but the middle is a little deeper than it seems.

Storm has hooked up with the boys (though possibly not permanently; he wasn’t with them the other day). He followed them out of the wooded “island” and down to the pond to drink. I’ll have more pix of him soon, too.

Happy Memorial Day

28 05 2012

For all those who serve and have served, we honor you today. Every day, you’re never forgotten.

Remember those who served that we may live in peace and freedom.

Storm has Mona!

19 04 2012

Baby distraction – that’s my excuse!

Young mister Storm does, indeed, have mistress Mona. He’s hanging out in the territory he basically claimed last year with Baylee and Tenaz – the east pocket.

The odd thing this year is that because of our mild winter, no one is back to share it with them! Grasses are coming up spread out all over the basin, and so the horses are spread out this year as well. That’s a good thing! A few ponds already are dry, but BLM plans to dig out another three with some of the Director’s Challenge money we got.

Seven and crew

16 04 2012

A while back, I promised more pix of Seven and the horses with him, but then came the distraction of baby Mariah! And now Aspen is – or was recently – alone. I haven’t seen Mona – or Storm. Bounce and Tenaz had left the bands, too.

He doesn’t lack for handsomeness, does he? ๐Ÿ™‚ Mr. Muscle!

He definitely has Roja (and their son Killian) back, and he chased Mona back to Aspen at least a couple of times. Roja is definitely pregnant!

Mona with Aspen.

Better light on the pretty girl.

Storm, growing up and shedding out! When I confirm his whereabouts – and Mona’s – you’ll be the first to know!

On the run

9 04 2012

Bounce is looking fairly lean these days, roaming the sidelines of Seven’s and Aspen’s little bands and ducking Storm along the way, who also is on the outskirts, having lost Shadow back to David. The old boy has new scars, but he’s alert and handsome as ever.

Here, he’s trotting down a hill to follow after the other horses.

On this day, at least, Storm had the upper hand, err, hoof.

Lots of new scars on the boy.

Wild black stallion!

Always handsome.


5 04 2012

Hadn’t had a sighting of these horses in a couple of weeks. Thought they must be the first back to the east pocket – and there they were!

From left to right: Seven, Killian and Roja, Mona and Aspen, and Storm. Not seen up the hill to the right: Bounce and Tenaz.

Tenaz gave me a massive scare earlier this day; I found the horses – except him. I spent a fair bit of time with them while they grazed their way from an arroyo to some hills and over – not a sign of him to be seen. The photo in the previous post of Poco and Roach I got after walking out to see if he was with them and I had missed him when I saw them first – from a distance. (He wasn’t.) But when we came back around a few hours later, there he was, unscathed and perfectly fine. No idea where he was earlier.

Seven seems to have Roja and Killian back – which I thought was the case when I last saw them, from a distance. Seven actually chased Mona back to Aspen a couple of times. Bounce and Storm are fending each other off, and Tenaz seems to stick close to Bounce (which he has been doing for the last several months, and which is why it gave me such a scare to NOT see him).

I’ll have some more pix of these guys, but this one shows most of them together. Bounce is fairly lean and has quite a few new scars. Roja is just as pregnant as all get out. She’s not due till May, but until last year, she had been my first foaler (early April).

Handsome heads

18 01 2012

As wonderful a visit as I was having with Chrome’s band – in a much more accessible location than they’ve been recently – I spotted horses at a short distance that, without benefit of the binocs and with benefit of earlier sighting in about that area, I thought were Seven and Tenaz. I couldn’t see Bounce through the trees, but I couldn’t see anybody else, either. Hadn’t seen those boys close for a while, so I thought I’d visit and get some pix of them to share.

Then it turned out to be Grey’s band. Always photogenic and worth a visit! But the sun was sinking …

And! Over yonder, I spotted Sundance’s band … and Aspen’s (who also had been closer earlier) … and, is that Storm and Shadow? Thinking Bounce and co. may have followed Aspen’s, I hit the trail. And yep, found Seven and Tenaz, and Bounce, too.

This was basically my view of Seven, similar to the one I posted earlier, trotting back and forth, wanting terribly to get closer to Mona. My thinking was that he had the advantage over Aspen, but they apparently didn’t see it that way, and Aspen prevailed. (Seven is now with Duke and Kreacher – as of last week.)

This is Bounce and Storm. For all Storm’s youth (he was 3 the end of July), he is big and strong – and he knows it. This is significantly cropped. I love Storm’s eye, framed by a wisp of his forelock and the curve of Bounce’s neck.

Mostly, Bounce and Tenaz watched the proceedings with interest and only minor (none for Tenaz) participation. Bounce was aged at this roundup at about 15; in 2007, he was aged at 20 (I want to be aged that way!). Tenaz will be 2 this spring; mama is Piedra, and daddy is Hollywood (can you see his resemblance to Hollywood??). No longer with mama and daddy (he went with auntie Baylee last spring when Comanche stole them (and Iya, Cougar and Sage)), he and Baylee ended up with Storm for the rest of the year, and Sage, Iya and Cougar ended up with Poco and Roach – who pretty quickly kicked Sage out (and he ended up with some other young bachelors (including Ze) and sometimes with Duke or Bruiser).

Did you follow all of that? ๐Ÿ™‚

Can you just imagine what elder is teaching younger?

Most recently, of course, we saw it last year with Duke and Twister and Cuatro and Sage and Ze and Milagro and Bruiser. …ย  Still, it amazes me.

Seven and Bounce, former heads of bands (and don’t underestimate their potential to regain their status) … Tenaz – the future.


16 01 2012

Dear readers,

I know I have been seriously lacking in the blog department for a couple of weeks now. But the ponies are fabulous. We even got some snow today – first in a month?! Very un-Colorado-, un-January-like. Mother Nature, we’ll forgive you – if you keep it coming. Wet, gooshy, slushy, sloogy snow – just what the dry, exposed soil and veggies (as in vegetation) need.

Only one minor change to report: Seven is currently with Duke and Kreacher. That, of course, could change at whim. He was still with Bounce and Tenaz … then Aspen brought his remaining girl (Mona, and her daughter, Shane) into sight – and sound – and that unleashed the most activity I’ve seen in awhile. And though Seven obviously didn’t regain Mona and Shane, he has two new compadres. No pix, though; I was showing friends … sans camera. Just enjoyment. ๐Ÿ™‚

Randomness (from when I DID have the camera):

Seven, trotting over to (try to) greet his lost lady-love, Mona. I say, how gorgeous is he!

Meanwhile, Bounce thought he might take advantage of Sundance’s flirtation with Shane to pretend a little stand for Kootenai and Mysterium. Tenaz, at right, shadowed Bounce like his little brown, well, shadow.

Speaking of shadows (har) …

… there she is – Shadow – trotting off toward Mona while Aspen and Seven have a disagreement in the background. And what interest a mare when there’s boy-play to engage in? Storm breaks off from his pursuit of Shadow to harass Seven and Aspen.


I’m not sure where she wanted to go, but he didn’t want her going there.

Have you kept track of the bands? Aspen’s, Sundance’s, Bounce-Tenaz-and-Seven and Storm and Shadow.

Ah ha!

Sorry, girl. Can’t help you! Silly filly.

I will try to post lots of photos over the next couple of days to make up for the “dry season” – sorry! Hopefully we’ll get more snow, and our upcoming dry season won’t loom so terrifyingly dry. Did you note the appalling lack of snow in these photos??

Days, running

27 12 2011

Even at the end of the year, where does the time go? It’s that short light … except I have that problem, too, when the days are long!

Some more pix from my visit with Grey/Traveler’s band last week … Alegre and Aurora. Starting to see a bit ofย  a belly there. ๐Ÿ™‚

‘Rora on the ridge.

Beloved boy, quiet and watchful – Alegre and Aurora were just to the left.

Corona with the big view. She ought to be pregnant with Grey’s foal for spring.

Beautiful mustangy mustang Houdini-girl. She’ll be pregnant with Grey’s foal.

Alegre should be pregnant with Bounce’s foal, and Gaia should be in foal to Cinch.

Houdini leading, Aurora and Alegre following. Can’t beat that dramatic background, eh? We’re about in the heart of the basin, and those are the eastern ridges that form that side’s boundary (the unnamed promontory, McKenna Peak and Brumley Point are southish … to the right).

On top of the ridge, they could see Storm and Shadow grazing not too far away (but separated by some broken ground including one decent arroyo). Grey’s looking at them while little Miss Curiosity checks on my whereabouts.

My new favorite pic of Storm. ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s galloping after Shadow, who broke into a run as the paths of the horses started to converge up near the pond. As far as I could tell, they (the bands) never did get particularly close to each other, and I saw them later, from another part of the basin, separately grazing.

They do use the roads in the basin – particularly in the winter – for easier walking where it suits them. Grey’s band took the Flat Top road, and Storm and Shadow took the north-south road. The snow last week ranged from a pretty light dusting (from overnight) to at least 6 inches back near the Round Top area. It hasn’t snowed again since then and, in fact, has been fairly warm – into the 40s! La Nina is supposed to give us less snow but cold temps – we have less snow and not very cold temps (the overnight lows get pretty chilly with the clear skies). We always worry about snow – more is better for the coming year. But it’s early yet … the days are just on their way to getting longer. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Storm Shadow

11 12 2011

On a bright and shining day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Shadow and Storm. They were waiting for Aspen’s band, who were apparently waiting for Sundance’s band to drink down in the arroyo. Shadow would get impatient and wander away. Storm would turn his head to look at her, then go back to watching the other horses. Patience of a … wild horse, that one. ๐Ÿ˜‰ No sign of David, though Duke and Kreacher were not too far to the west, and Bounce, Tenaz and Seven were together far to the northeast. (They were fairly close together last week, all together, a bit east of this location.)

She’ll be 5 in the spring. He’ll be 4 the end of July.

Shadow against the La Sals (which are in Utah, this east, Colorado side of Moab).

He stood on that ridge for a long time, watching and waiting, His ridge falls away to a little bench above the actual arroyo, and I’m on the other side of it. We’re about in the heart of the basin right here.

I love how furry and handsome and shiny they are!