Handsome heads

18 01 2012

As wonderful a visit as I was having with Chrome’s band – in a much more accessible location than they’ve been recently – I spotted horses at a short distance that, without benefit of the binocs and with benefit of earlier sighting in about that area, I thought were Seven and Tenaz. I couldn’t see Bounce through the trees, but I couldn’t see anybody else, either. Hadn’t seen those boys close for a while, so I thought I’d visit and get some pix of them to share.

Then it turned out to be Grey’s band. Always photogenic and worth a visit! But the sun was sinking …

And! Over yonder, I spotted Sundance’s band … and Aspen’s (who also had been closer earlier) … and, is that Storm and Shadow? Thinking Bounce and co. may have followed Aspen’s, I hit the trail. And yep, found Seven and Tenaz, and Bounce, too.

This was basically my view of Seven, similar to the one I posted earlier, trotting back and forth, wanting terribly to get closer to Mona. My thinking was that he had the advantage over Aspen, but they apparently didn’t see it that way, and Aspen prevailed. (Seven is now with Duke and Kreacher – as of last week.)

This is Bounce and Storm. For all Storm’s youth (he was 3 the end of July), he is big and strong – and he knows it. This is significantly cropped. I love Storm’s eye, framed by a wisp of his forelock and the curve of Bounce’s neck.

Mostly, Bounce and Tenaz watched the proceedings with interest and only minor (none for Tenaz) participation. Bounce was aged at this roundup at about 15; in 2007, he was aged at 20 (I want to be aged that way!). Tenaz will be 2 this spring; mama is Piedra, and daddy is Hollywood (can you see his resemblance to Hollywood??). No longer with mama and daddy (he went with auntie Baylee last spring when Comanche stole them (and Iya, Cougar and Sage)), he and Baylee ended up with Storm for the rest of the year, and Sage, Iya and Cougar ended up with Poco and Roach – who pretty quickly kicked Sage out (and he ended up with some other young bachelors (including Ze) and sometimes with Duke or Bruiser).

Did you follow all of that? 🙂

Can you just imagine what elder is teaching younger?

Most recently, of course, we saw it last year with Duke and Twister and Cuatro and Sage and Ze and Milagro and Bruiser. …  Still, it amazes me.

Seven and Bounce, former heads of bands (and don’t underestimate their potential to regain their status) … Tenaz – the future.



2 responses

19 01 2012
Karen Keene Day

I love cute little perky Mysterium, and in another photo “Mama” Raven looking so pert right at you!
How I would love to see the this next group of the wise and young together as it was when I too saw Duke with Twister and Cuatro and Sage with you TJ the year before. So it’s Seven, Bounce and Tenaz now? So neat!

25 01 2012

Seven was with Duke and Kreacher the last I saw them. He had previously – for quite a few weeks – been with Bounce and Tenaz.

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