16 01 2012

Dear readers,

I know I have been seriously lacking in the blog department for a couple of weeks now. But the ponies are fabulous. We even got some snow today – first in a month?! Very un-Colorado-, un-January-like. Mother Nature, we’ll forgive you – if you keep it coming. Wet, gooshy, slushy, sloogy snow – just what the dry, exposed soil and veggies (as in vegetation) need.

Only one minor change to report: Seven is currently with Duke and Kreacher. That, of course, could change at whim. He was still with Bounce and Tenaz … then Aspen brought his remaining girl (Mona, and her daughter, Shane) into sight – and sound – and that unleashed the most activity I’ve seen in awhile. And though Seven obviously didn’t regain Mona and Shane, he has two new compadres. No pix, though; I was showing friends … sans camera. Just enjoyment. 🙂

Randomness (from when I DID have the camera):

Seven, trotting over to (try to) greet his lost lady-love, Mona. I say, how gorgeous is he!

Meanwhile, Bounce thought he might take advantage of Sundance’s flirtation with Shane to pretend a little stand for Kootenai and Mysterium. Tenaz, at right, shadowed Bounce like his little brown, well, shadow.

Speaking of shadows (har) …

… there she is – Shadow – trotting off toward Mona while Aspen and Seven have a disagreement in the background. And what interest a mare when there’s boy-play to engage in? Storm breaks off from his pursuit of Shadow to harass Seven and Aspen.


I’m not sure where she wanted to go, but he didn’t want her going there.

Have you kept track of the bands? Aspen’s, Sundance’s, Bounce-Tenaz-and-Seven and Storm and Shadow.

Ah ha!

Sorry, girl. Can’t help you! Silly filly.

I will try to post lots of photos over the next couple of days to make up for the “dry season” – sorry! Hopefully we’ll get more snow, and our upcoming dry season won’t loom so terrifyingly dry. Did you note the appalling lack of snow in these photos??



One response

19 01 2012
Linda Horn

Seven is gorgeous! A definate candidate for the 2013 Calendar. Spring has sprung way too early. My irises are 3″ high! We sure do need a mega storm to make up for the troubling lack of precip. Most years we would have had at least 4 shovel-worthy snowstorms by now.

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