Black & white & colorful

9 06 2019

Terra and Aurora with wildflowers.

The world is beautiful.

No flirting, you

8 06 2019

Hollywood and Shane

Hollywood doesn’t like Miss Shane to go visiting. He thinks it’s flirting, and that just won’t do. 🙂

Lady red

7 06 2019


A day is guaranteed to go well when Miss Gaia graces the blog. 🙂


6 06 2019

Hollywood and Alegre

Hollywood walks with Alegre while the band follows another band. There’s actually a road just beyond them, but you can’t see it for the greenery.

We’re amazingly blessed this year.


5 06 2019

Skywalker; Temple Butte and McKenna Peak

Skywalker the fabulous was walking across this open area, starting from fairly close to my left and angling away because of the band (and stallion) he’s looking at in the pic above. I thought I’d catch him walking in a good stride between McKenna Peak (right) and Temple Butte but was lamenting the fact that he was basically walking away.

And then he stopped.

And looked – posed, if you will.


Skywalker really is a Jedi with mind powers. 🙂

Shake, rattle …

3 06 2019

… and still they come back.

Hollywood demonstrates the postures of gnat season:





And back to grazing …


It’s (nearly) summer in the basin. 🙂


In yesterday’s post, I said that I hadn’t found or heard of a bug spray that works against these (infamous) gnats. Veterinarian Gigi Gaulin notified me about a family-owned company in Georgia that makes an all-natural bug spray:

Many of the questions I get about visiting the basin and the mustangs this time of year center around this question: Are the gnats out yet?

They’re a thing, people. Well, lots and lots of little things. They’re no joke!

The. Gnats. Are. Bad.

2 06 2019


Moisture + warm weather + spring in Disappointment Valley = the dreaded gnats are out. The wind helps … some. When the wind drops at the end of the day, well, then it doesn’t help at all (!).

If you’re a wild horse, that means you go for a mud bath. I’m not sure it helps much, by the near-continuous head shaking and tail swishing.

If you’re a human, may I recommend a head net? If you can stand the buzzing and watching the buggers crawl across the netting – and the impaired vision – it’s worth it. I haven’t found or heard of any bug spray that works against the gnats.