A little of everything

18 03 2019

Killian; Temple Butte

A little snow on the far ridges (like Temple Butte), a little mud on the ponies (and the boots). That’s our Spring Creek Basin. 🙂


Miss Red

17 03 2019


Another little bitty pretty in the basin. 🙂

Bright spots

15 03 2019

Maia, Houdini and Alegre

The sun is shining after three days and nights of rain (we didn’t float away, but we sure are soggy!), and these three girls are shining bright in these sweet March days.

The spirit of Spirit

14 03 2019


She’s the prettiest shaggy little lady ever. 🙂

We. Are. Grateful.

13 03 2019





It’s a little bit like that. 🙂

The best of green and blue

12 03 2019


The little blue “square” in the middle is just east of McKenna Peak Wilderness Study Area (labeled), which is east of and in the eastern part of Spring Creek Basin Herd Management Area.

I’m wearing a smile as big and broad as lower Disappointment Valley. 🙂


12 03 2019


Maiku, a bachelor following a band, gives another bachelor the stink eye.

Walking out to visit them, I crossed several arroyos – all of which had clear water trickling through the bottoms. Wow. Even this wonderful winter, that’s a remarkable thing here in the desert, and it deserves to be remarked upon!