White-n-bold girls

9 01 2019

Reya and Chipeta

Pretty pintos Reya and Chipeta pose atop a snowy hill juuuuuust long enough for the shutter to snap before their stallion moved them on. These girls are always on the move. … Well, almost always. 🙂


Our Pati

8 01 2019

Seneca; Temple Butte and McKenna Peak

Check out this wonderful article in the Telluride Daily Planet by writer Katie Klingsporn:


In the photo above, Temple Butte is the prominent promontory behind snow-covered McKenna Peak (shaped like a pyramid).

Seneca is the lovely mustang, walking through her lovely, winter-white-coated world.

Thanks so much to all who contributed to the success of our application to name Temple Butte in honor of Pati (and David) Temple. It’s the least we could do to honor a woman who did so much for the wild she knew and loved.

Lotta what we need

7 01 2019

Comanche's band

Doesn’t it look just like it must have when the region was covered by a giant ocean? I mean, look at all that WATER.

So it’s frozen. It’s still a whole lotta moisture. 🙂


6 01 2019


Like perhaps many of the world’s female population, I can admit to a minor crush on Strider, aka Aragorn, aka Viggo Mortensen. … But our boy Killian sure knows how to rock the screen, too. 🙂

Our blues are the best blues

5 01 2019

Shadow; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Shadow grazes through the snow in the light.

The apple of our eye

4 01 2019


Handsome Tenaz – lookin’ good in all weather!

We have the blues

3 01 2019

Maia, Alegre and Houdini

In the very best way!

The (falling) snow has moved out, and now we have those fabulously famous Colorado bluebird skies, which make the snow even MORE gloriously, stunningly white. We’ve now had more snow in this storm than we got all last “winter” – aka the winter that wasn’t. Life is good. 🙂