Soft nap in a stiff breeze

29 03 2021

Who doesn’t love a good nap in the spring sunshine, breeze softly blowing (or a bit stiffer, but who’s quibbling, really)?


28 03 2021

No matter the situation, Winona is just so … calm. Peaceful. Serene.

I think she gets it from her grandma. 🙂

(Better late than never?! Apparently, this post didn’t schedule when I thought I scheduled it. Sorry for the delay!)

Bad boy good

27 03 2021

How does he do it? What a heartthrob. 🙂

All we need is fuzz

26 03 2021

Mother Nature graced us with some moisture this week, and we’re grateful. There’s a pond a short distance to the left of Reya here, and with any luck, it’s holding some water that came in gentle waves of snow that mostly never stuck. The ground is so dry, we need that moisture to soak in and start collecting in the low places – otherwise known as ponds. 🙂

Loved by light

25 03 2021

Who doesn’t love the glorious Temple?

Golden hour

24 03 2021

Blues and golds, always a good combination. 🙂

Blue hour

22 03 2021

Blue eyes and blue mountains: Our Kwana makes any grey-brown bravissimo.

The long view

21 03 2021

His band was below him out of sight. He, the scout, was on high ground to detect the approach of any danger to the napping band.

The sky was unsettled. … The forecast gave us a good chance of rain that never came that day.

With great optimism …

20 03 2021

… we await spring. Isn’t it the same every year? 🙂

The look of far away

19 03 2021

You envision an enticing view stretching away to the far horizon of Utah, don’t you? Or, perhaps, in the other direction, the Glade (where the aspen grow).

I hate to burst your visionary bubbles. 🙂 There was a hill just there, and we couldn’t see Round Top let alone all the way to Utah. But Maiku sure looks handsome, with his cute little pony ears and his winter beard and scruffy roughy coat … and that lip. … That lip! I’m undone by the lip. 🙂