Boys of summer

25 06 2012

The girls got their post, now let’s highlight some boys.

Hayden and Tenaz have been shepherding young Apollo since around the time Skywalker was born.

Handsome Hayden. He’s just like daddy (Grey/Traveler); so hard to get a shot of him where he’s not ignoring me.

Tenaz is nearly the spitting image of his sire, Hollywood. Color notwithstanding.

Young Apollo is hanging with the big boys. He’s just as handsome as a yearling as he’s been all along.

Apollo with Tenaz.

Apollo with Hayden. Love the look. 🙂

The three musketeers.

The last time I saw them, they were hanging out with Storm, who is looking hale and hearty. They all are!

They’ve also been spotted with Bounce and Poco at various times (not together).



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27 06 2012

Just concerned… is the wildfire near you guys?

27 06 2012

The Weber Fire is just south of Mancos. I think it’s still around 8,500 acres but about 20% contained now. Lots of (100+) evacuations (including at least one SCB mustang). Lots more advised to be ready. As of today, I think the State Line Fire is at least 80% contained (around 350 acres?), but a fire started south of Mesa Verde National Park and one west of Durango. A fire by Chimney Rock Archaeological Area east of Durango was contained pretty quickly yesterday. It is horribly dry. We had some lightning last night with about 37 drops of rain – give or take a few. Pretty scary. The firefighters are some truly amazing people.

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