Sweet boys

8 06 2012

They don’t seem to be causing too much mischief (any, really). They’re hanging out by themselves – and sometimes with Storm – and occasionally with Bounce. All of them were visible – Storm and Bounce slightly apart (not together), but I got pix just of the three musketeers.

Front to back: Hayden (2 1/2), Apollo (1) and Tenaz (2).

Fat little shiny boys. 🙂



One response

9 06 2012
Lynn and Kathy

Gee, Hayden still stands out as very sorrel in color (love that!). The other kids seem to be varying shades of bay… Didn’t know if Hayden’s color might change – guess not. It’s gonna be a bit difficult to tell them apart in the field, if they stay together through the summer! You’ll help, right?! 🙂

Would love a pic of Storm, if you can get one… We, obviously, adore them ALL! Thanks, good job, as always!!

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