20 04 2012

Don’t you love surprises?

On my last visit to the basin, I found Grey/Traveler’s band – and Mariah – pretty quickly, about where they’ve been the last week. Not too far, but I thought I should be looking for Piedra. I almost kept driving, but Houdini and Mariah were so temptingly close …

Bounce and Tenaz were below.

Chrome’s came into sight above.

After I spent time with Grey’s band, I went up to Chrome’s.

Hayden and Terra at the top of the finger hills.

Chrome, looking so handsome and relaxed in the morning light.

Winona was almost out of sight, taking her own little nap:


And it was about then that I looked west and saw Hollywood’s band. He was standing, napping; Shane was lying down. Piedra was standing a short distance away … and there were ears at her feet. Oh!

Oh, how glad I went for a hike.



3 responses

23 04 2012
Pat Amthor

Surprises at this time of year are always exciting! Amazing!

23 04 2012
Zacharias Larson

Looks like a nice surprise.

Chrome seems to have quite a relaxed band. Once again you captured Hayden and Terra in the same picture; is that because they tend to stay near each other? Maybe, it is just the shots of them together are the ones that I remember best.

Yes indeed, Chrome does look “handsome and relaxed”. Wild and free, just where he should be. Winona looks like she is hiding behind the hill.

I could not hope to see something more beautiful, than what is left unchanged in the wild.

The west and all the wildness that is there, have taken a special place in my heart (even though the farthest that way I have been was Bozeman MT, on a very quick trip that was less than two days total) and along with that is a longing, a yearning, something that draws me to in the very least see a tiny bit of all the majesty and beauty that can be seen.

It is nice to be able to see as much as I have through the photos and videos from the many people that share what they see.

23 04 2012

The wonders of the digital age, eh? I love visiting blogs written by people who observe and write about their natural surroundings. The good ones really do take you there.

They were all hanging out again tonight, with Chrome a short distance away. Later, Hayden and Winona were together. I don’t know that Terra and Hayden hang out together any more than usual. Although they’re half-siblings, they didn’t grow up together. Both Terra and Winona tend to treat Hayden like a pesky little brother. 🙂

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