13 08 2012

He still has a hitch in his giddy-up, but this elder mister was hanging with Aspen and the youngsters the other day:

Scarred and shiny. Full of vim and vigor!

Seven, Duke and Kreacher, with Aspen and the young boys a few days ago, were together but farther west. Bounce was last seen in the east pocket, so he wandered some to hook up with some company (this was west of Wildcat Spring).

And pinto update: Maiku IS with the pintos. Seen from the road – a distance – but he was there. No idea where he was the day I visited them.



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14 08 2012

This dude is as lean as a race horse!! Hope he can pack on a few pounds before winter. Any idea how old he is?

15 08 2012

In 2007, he was aged at 20. In 2011, he was aged at 14-15. I wouldn’t mind agony like that. He’s probably somewhere between the two?

15 08 2012
Lynn and Kathy

He will always be very special to us! Yeah, he’s old but, when we spent some considerable time in the East Pocket with him (Spring 2011), he allowed us to see so much of his life with the family he had then: Alegre, Whisper and Aurora, we could only watch in awe and say, “Thank-you.” He won’t be forgotten, that’s for sure… 🙂

17 08 2012

He’s one of the elders of our herd, and his bloodline lives on. 🙂

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